ok, will try again to post a picture

jean_ar(z8 Ar)April 27, 2010

If this works again, this is a EBB TIDE bloom.I have it in a pot so I can have it in a little shade during the hot summer.

By null at 2010-04-26

This one,I forgot to get the name of it off the tag,and I can't remember its full name or how to spell it either. I will get it later and post it.Its dark out right now,so can't see to get it, but its a mini climber,and I have it in a big pot by a fence and its went over the fence and still going.

By null at 2010-04-26

This one is Apricot Nectar

By null at 2010-04-26


By null at 2010-04-17

By null at 2010-04-17

By null at 2010-04-17

By null at 2010-04-26

This last one is no rose, but, pretty anyway.Its a bearded Iris,and would you believe when I planted it there,it was a solid Yellow.

Hope you injoy them.


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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Beautiul Secret. Love Double Knock Out in your setting.

You're lucky the solid yellow iris didn't crowd out the pretty bi color. You never know. The yellow may show up next year. I have an old white I thought (hoped) was long gone. Like a bad penny..........................

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I love your garden, Jean. Good to see your roses again.

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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

I too love your Secret! very lovely...

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Wow Jean! Things are lookin' good! Are the deer staying away? Your SECRET is just beautiful!! And the irises are pretty!!

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Love Apricot Nectar-----also love Iris---and that is so pretty even if it used to be yellow--LOL


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Thank you, every one for the nice comments.I am soon going to have to repot "SECRET" to a new pot.Its in a big plastic tub.Well,its one of them plastic tubs that walmart sells,and has rope handles on it.They sold for $ 4,00 each when I had bought 4 of them.Regular big flower pots are expensive,so I bought these tubs,and drilled a bunch of holes in the bottom for drainage and decided to put this rose in one.Its been in the tub for almost 7 yrs,and now its tearing up,so it will need a new home very soon,and I will probably have to find some one to help me get it out of this one and put it in a new one.
BETH: No I am still bothered with deer coming to eat up everything they see.I have just been lucky that the spray that I spray them with,is on them when the deer comes to eat them.A lot of times it rains at night and washes it off, then the deer is here eating them before I can spray again, but, luck has been here so far this year,and it hasn't rained at night but a few times,and I was lucky the deer stayed away.


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Lovely garden you have Jean, I especially like your Double knockouts, they look great.

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