help #1: yellow climber floribunda narrowed to 2 choices

AmyyUT(6)June 23, 2013

So I'm wasting hours trying to i.d. 2 roses that I was silly enough not to label because they were my 1st 2 roses. This post is the 1st rose. In my hours of research before I found heirloom roses site (bookmarks help) I think I've narrowed it down to "sky's the limit" or "gold badge". Thoughts/ help/ anything is appreciated. I'm 99.9% positive that since it was one of my firsts I got it at Lowes or Home Depot and I would buy my zone (6) or lower (usually I buy 5's but I was a naive "that's pretty" first time rose buyer back then). Rose guru help appreciated!!!!!! (p.s. I have 2 more pics of the rose but I need to look up how to upload multiple pics to a post so I'll just reply twice with the pics to save time this time :-) p.s. please excuse the deadheading that needs to be done (I was on vacation) and support that needs to be rethought :-)

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picture #2

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last #3 photo

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