a few extra cuttings/plants available

mstywoods(z5, Westminster, CO)May 30, 2014

I just cut back my Blue Spruce Sedum and have a plastic grocery bag full of cuttings! Also have a clump or two of Fleabane (looks like Aster Daisy, but believe is Fleabane - see pic below) that you can have if you want to dig it up. A few other things like some strawberries (variety unknown) and flowering Lambs Ear I have plenty of, so you are welcome to dig some up.

If you are near Wadsworth Pkwy and 100th/Church Ranch and want to get any of these, just send me an email!


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This looks a lot like you have, but the leaves are obviously different. I'm thinking that it may be Erigeron but I can't remember. Ideas?

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Actually, looking at the two next to each other, the flower color is different, but I'm still wondering what it is! Here is a close up.

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