Potatoes -- too late?

blueiris24May 2, 2010

Is it too late to start potatoes? If not, what variety would you recommend?

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I think you've still got time to get them in, but don't wait long. I tried several kinds last year and I had the best success with Red Pontiac. I'm also a fan of Purple Majesty.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Iris,

The way I grow them, itÂs never too late to put them in. Last year I put in the first batch on April 8 and harvested them on August 6. Then I put in a second batch on August 28 and harvested them on October 20. This year I put the first batch in on March 18 and covered them with maple leaves to protect them from a couple snow storms while they started to grow. When I uncovered them a couple weeks later they were up and getting started well. I love the tiny ones anyway, so this year IÂm not gonna wait so long to harvest the first batch, and I hope to get THREE batches in! IÂve only started growing potatoes in the last couple years, and IÂm sure there will be people who disagree with this, but from what IÂve seen you can plant them just about any timeÂunless itÂs TOO late, and winter happens!

And, speaking of winter! I already harvested my first potato crop for this year! Just like last year, when I was "rearranging" my compost pile, I found a potato that had been growing out there all winterÂwithout foliage, and this is what I got!

The biggest are only abut the size of a quarter, but, hey, they grew in WINTERÂsans foliage!

Bury them deep, in good soil (mine are in half finished compost), wait a few monthsÂand enjoy!


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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

I was away over the weekend and got some frostbite on some leaves. As above, I wouldn't wait long.


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Perhaps, no matter how late you wait - be sure that the potato seed is sprouting.

First of all, there's the mistake that so many folks make with using spuds from the supermarket. They are so likely to have been treated with a sprout suppressant.

Second, I tried planting potatoes near the end of July a couple years ago. They didn't look the least interested in growing when I put them in and waited until the following spring to show up above ground.


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Not knowing for sure you climate it is hard to say. I will attach a link with lots of good info. Another factor is the variety and maturity time. And whether you desire large spuds or smaller ones. A rule of thumb I use is not to plant much later than 3 months before the average date of the first frost. If you only want small spuds then you can plant a little later. Here I use July 10-15th as my last planting dates. So unless you are where you have an awful short growing season you should be fine. Jay

Here is a link that might be useful: Ronniger's

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