ID Please, with Pics this time

bveronicoJune 2, 2014

A few months ago I tried to see if anyone could help but I didn't have any pictures up close of this rose growing out of broken concrete in the farthest back corner of our yard. But it has started blooming in the last couple days so now I have pictures!

It gets a little morning sun and dappled afternoon sun for about 2 hours, then full shade from buildings immediately to the south, and tall trees overhead. Canes have grown to about 4 feet and fall over, some dying back this year so overall the bush is only about 3 feet tall.

It has deep pink blooms with yellow middle, about 2 or 2.5 inches wide, hardly any scent, I could just barely detect a soft floral scent. If memory serves, it blooms from June and is done by mid-July. I counted about 20-25 petals on the blooms. Unopened buds have turned deep pink now as they are closer to blooming. No color change apparent in aging blooms.

I would like to know how to better care for it so I thought starting with the name would work best. It's not doing so well recently as some of the canes seem to be dying back. Thanks for any ideas!

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Here is a picture of the whole bush in case it is useful.

Thank you again!

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