Soybeans / Edamame

bob_in_coloradoMay 11, 2013

Does anyone have extensive experience with soybeans?

I'm having a heck of a time getting 2 of the 4 varieties to germinate. The ones that have germinated with no problem are 'Sunrise' and 'Mojo Green'. The ones I've had a dickens of a time with the last 2 seasons are 'Midori Giant' and 'Beer Friend'.

I know that the seeds are particularly susceptible to rotting. I've tried the innoculants, different substrates, etc.

My next thought is to perhaps put them on the surface of the soil. Please note these are inside thought is perhaps the seeds will germinate there. I can always add soil on top once they've germinated. I'm thinking of basically just putting them in contact with my moist seeds starting soil.

Any input?

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david52 Zone 6

When I have issues with seeds rotting, I do them on the surface with some kind of clear cover to keep the humidity really high. So that can be a plastic dome, Saran wrap, what ever. Then as soon as you see that half the seeds have opened up and started to shoot out the rootlet, take off the cover and then mist them a few times a day or use a fine spray watering can.

I do that with tomato and pepper seed as well, just to keep an eye on them.

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Hi David. Thanks for the reply. I will try that as you have suggested.

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I just want to commend you for being willing to struggle to grow edamame, Bob. I think that folks are missing out who haven't tried it. It wasn't until about a year ago that I was clued in on the availability of the vegetable in the supermarket's frozen food section.

I've promised myself to freeze some this year!

This is really not soybean country but I found an early variety (Bei) and the seeds germinate just fine for me. No more trouble than snapbean seeds . . . I have BeSweet to try this year!

I can't help wondering if you have bad seed to start with.


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Hey Steve. 2 of the 4 varieties germ'd with no problem. The midori giant and beer friend have been problematic in the past. ESPECIALLY the beer friend. I have ordered seed from multiple vendors.

FYI edamame lovers, if you order from wannamaker seeds, what they say about having to order fresh seed every year is a crock. The sunrise and mojo green from them was ordered 5 years ago and germ'd finely. :-)

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david52 Zone 6

If its not too late, don't do what I did and plant a whole buncha edamame seeds the same day.

Because they all ripen up the same day as well.

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I didn't. I stagger all my crops anyways. Do edamame bear continuously?

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They haven't in my experience.

However . .

. there could only be about a 14 day harvest, they mature so late. That is with Bei, the earliest I've tried so far. I hope that BeSweet is a little earlier.


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david52 Zone 6

I don't remember what variety I last grew, but there was one morning I walked out to the garden and realized I had a 30 foot row of edamame and everything was ripe.

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I wonder if when the plants start to flower if I pinch off half the flowers if it will grow more and produce more flowers or if it will simply make the pods and beans bigger.

Also, can I plant the edamame plants 'deep'? Like you can wi tomatoes and peppers? Will they side root or will the stems rot?

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