A rose labeled 'Bonica' that's not

esteinberg(5B)June 20, 2007

The mystery rose is the first one on the web page linked below. It was sold to us as 'Bonica,' but even the nursery admits it's not. Data concerning it is on the page, too. I'd really appreciate help identifying this beauty. I'll answer any questions you might have to the best of my ability because I really have no idea what details might be needed to ID this rose.

Thanks in advance! Ellen

Here is a link that might be useful: Please see first rose on page

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

How big are the flowers?

Are the light color patches on the rose, or just glare?

Was it cane hardy? To what temperature last winter?

What is the habit of growth?

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1.The flowers are 3.5 inches across;
2. There are no light patches on the flowers; they are the same pink throughout (no shading); true color is the lighter pink you see, not the quasi-red;
3. It was cane hardy to the point that the old cane (single) produced buds this spring. There is a new cane (with the flowers you see) that came up from the roots, so I'm assuming it's not a grafted rose;
4. Last winter was terrible. We had a very warm spell in December then a cold snap with no snow; I put straw around the roses. I don't think we got to -10 degrees below zero last winter in Chicago-area;
5. The growth habit is what I would describe as "somewhat bushy" (or it would have been had had a deer not eaten the buds and new side shoots earlier in the spring); it is approximately 2 3/4 - 3 ft. in height.
5. The stem is fleshy, with no pricklers down about 8-10 inches; thereafter they are widely-spaced, downcurving.

Should I take a photo of the stem and underside?

Thanks for responding!

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Not Bonica, that's for sure. Carefree Wonder? Carefree Beauty?

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Looks a lot like 'Carefree Wonder,' but the samples I see on the Web look like Carefree's flower has more petals, and that the stem close to the flowers has lots of little prickles.

My rose has no prickles at all close to the flower. The thorns start around 8-10 inches down the stem.

However, you've given me a start. I'll look for a 'Carefree Wonder' locally, or order one, & compare "in person." THANKS SO MUCH! Ellen

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