ID of another white blend rose

nanito(5)June 12, 2009



Type: Bush (it looks like an Hybrid Perpetual, similar to ´Frau Karl Druschki´ with Light pink buds and lack of scent, but it flowers does not agree with the white bright white flowers of the "Frau Kart Druschki" seen in the "Help Me Find" web site.

Size: Up to 6.56´(2.00 mt) tall and 3.28´(1.00 mt) wide.

Tallos: Gruesos, fuertes y rígidos. Los tallos nuevos tienen una coloración rojiza característica.

Stems: tic, strong, rigid. The new stems have a characteristic redish colouring.

Habit: Tall and dense bush, very very thorny.



Color: Dark green, dull (not glossy).

Size: Big.


Features of the bud: Small light pink buds. As the buds open you can see its conic centre Light pink blended that never opens completely.

Diameter: 4.72" x 4.72" (12 cm x 12 cm). No simetry.

Flower: Big, no simetry. Very similar in appearance to varieties like "Red Radiante" or "Pink Radiante", but has no scent.

¿How does it bloom?: Solitary and in posies of up to 3-4 flowers.

¿How many times does it flower?: Taking into account that the rose grows in a neighboring old garden I do not have the exact information, but it has a really abundant and long lasting blooming in the fall season.

Number of petals and shape: 36 petals.

Stamen Yes/ No: It is impossible to apreciate them because the flower never opens completely.

Color: White blend. Light pink centre.

Lenght of the flower: High.

Fragance: None to mild fragante.

Resistance: It seems to be a very vigorous and healthy cultivar.

THANKS for your time! Mariano.

Image link:

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Do you have more pictures of this one?

Link below is to picasa free photo sharing site. When you upload you can make an album for each rose needing ID, then click on share album and post the link it gives.

This is mine to show you what you can do. Then anyone with an account can add comments to your photos Roses

Here is a link that might be useful: Picasa photo sharing

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Hello ROSELVR! I will try to make what you told me and create a free picasa account to share the many pictures I have.
I was lucky with the other rose because someone could almost identificated it, and give me a good clue. So I could finally identificated it yesterday night (3.00 am).
Well, once more, THANKS for your suggestion!


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Well, I stil do not know how you have done to put the cover of your album as a link, but anyway, you do have the link at the bottom.
There are a lot of different pictures of this rose: buds, plant, blooms, thorns, etc. Hope I can have the same lucky than with the other one!

Keep in touch, Mariano.

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What ´s about ´Madame Maurin´?

Here is a link that might be useful: Madame Maurin HMF

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I'll come back later but want to give you directions.
Open the album you want to link to - on the right hand side, you will see Photos by

Jun 14, 2009
photos: 21 Â 5 MB

Link to this album - click on this then you'll see
Paste link in email or IM
Paste HTML to embed in website

You want the link that starts like this:
>table style="width:194px;tr

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Let ´s try again... White blend rose ID

I think it has worked! THANK YOU very, very much!
Mariano :D

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I feel sure I have seen this variety before, but I can't think what it is. My old brain works slowly sometimes, but if I can figure it out, I'll get back to you.

Would you guess it is an older variety?

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Oh PETALOID you seem to be a living rose encyclopedia!!!
Hope you could finally remember where you have seen this rose.
Of course I think this must be one an hybrid perpetual (HT) or even one of the first HT breeded. I really do not know...
Some days ago I started to look in many websites (HMF and Vintage Garden) and one of the roses I thought it could be was ´Madame Maurin´(Tea Rose, 1853) or even ´Josephine Marot´ (HT, 1895.

Other alternatives could be the following ones:

-Pearl Queen (H. Wichurana, 1901) (but our rose has no scent and this one has).

-Miss Ehtel Richardson (HP, 1897) (but this one has different bloom form).

-James Bougault (HP, 1887) (but our rose has no scent and this one has).

-Josephine Marot (HT, 1895).

-Viscountess Folkestone (HT, 1886) (but our rose has no scent and this one has).

This is what I have been searching still now, hope you could finally hit the target!

Keep in touch, Mariano (B.A, Argentina).

Here is a link that might be useful: Madame Maurin Rose

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Any news??? I have taken three more pictures this morning and they are now in the album. In the three last pictures you can see the deep pink color of the buds.

It is an evidence of the deep pink color of the buds, that turn into a pure white while opening, remaining just a light pink/ salmon blush just in the centre of the long lasting flowers.

Hope someone could finally give me some more clues, because I am really interested in identifying this beauty to grow it in my garden.

Best wishes, Mariano (B.A, Argentina) White blend rose ID

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Mariano, unlock your albums..

Click open the album so that you see all of the thumbnail pictures, next at the top left, you will see the small picasa icon, then
mariano_saviello83>White blend rose ID
Slide show - share - download - prints - EDIT

click on edit then album properties - the options are at the bottom-
Visibility for this album

required to view

Set it to public.

I'm drawing a blank. The buds reminds me of Heritage but Heritage is almost thornless plus your rose doesn't resemble it in bloom form.

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

I posted your question and the linked photos on the Antique Roses forum, and the experts there may be able to figure it out, sooner or later.

I hope you can follow the steps described by roselvr to make it easier for us to see your photos.

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ROSELVR, PETALOID once again THANKS for your kind suggestions. I have done what you told me and hope this could help to identify this rose, so more people can have access to the posted pictures.

As always, we keep in touch!
Mariano (B.A, Argentina)

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I have uploaded more pictures of this rose, in which you can appreciate the blooms and mature flowers, as well as the leaves, branches and thorns.
Hope they could be of any help!
Once more, THANKS for all (specially for your patience).

White blend rose ID

Here is a link that might be useful: White blend rose ID

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I upload this thread trying to get the ID of this white blend rose...
Thanks in advance! :) White blend rose ID

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Dear esteemed members,

After more than 5 years, I am pretty sure that the pink blend rose is the white sport of âÂÂMadame Caroline TestoutâÂÂ, HT âÂÂAdmiral Duweyâ (1899). Although I have just received some pictures from the Sangerhausen, they were enough for me to identify my unknown rose as this old âÂÂMadame Caroline Testoutâ white sport.

I would possibly discard some other related roses, such as âÂÂFrau Dr. Krügerâ since it has golden-yellow undertones, borne mostly solitary and occasional repeat later in the season. My rose does not have golden-yellow undertones, usually blooms in clusters and has a profuse fall bloom. HT âÂÂGrossherzogin Victoria Melittaâ has white or white blend flowers with a yellow center and a strong fragrance, while the unknown rose has not any yellow coloring and none to mild fragrance. âÂÂMme Gustave Metzâ could have been another possibility but it is too pink, at least in my humble opinion. Furthermore, it has a long pointed form while the unknown rose is more globular. âÂÂLa Favouriteâ was also a globular HP, related with âÂÂMme. Caroline Testoutâ and its descendants, with globular form and it is a good fall bloomer (like my rose), but it has a deep rose color that turns soft pink as the rose ages.

Having said that, I am quite sure that the found rose from that old garden in BA is HT âÂÂAdmiral Duweyâ (John H. Taylor, 1899), although some more pictures would help me to confirm this properly. Any contribution (pictures) or confirmation would be highly appreciated.

Greetings from Buenos Aires!

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i was looking at the shape and thinking 'looks like âÂÂMadame Caroline TestoutâÂÂ... '
So âÂÂAdmiral Duweyâ is most likely.

Here is a link that might be useful: âMadame Caroline Testoutâ

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