Newbie Super Pepper grower.

vermiman(7)October 2, 2012

What's the best Super Pepper for a newbie to start with? The hottest that I have grown so far is the Golden Habanero. Another question is. What's the best environment to grow such peppers? (in ground, raised bed, five gallon buckets)

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The best is a matter of opinion. I really like the Bhut Jolokia aka Ghost chili but have not tried the douglah or moruga both from Trinidad but have tried the Trinidad Scorpion which is good also.

Depending on your zone would determine which growing method would work best for you. I personally like growing in pots. But do grow a few in the ground.

Grow them the same as you did the Golden Habanero. When growing from seeds I suggest starting in Feb. Also search the forum alot of good information on germination.


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Bhut Jolokias would be the best place to start, IMO. They're common enough these days that you can find good seed pretty reliably without just getting a red habanero packet with a different label.

All of the nuclears are going to be hard to sprout, but once you get them going bhuts are as resilient as any other pepper, in my experience.

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I pesonally feel Bhut's are very picky compared to 7 pots.Now once you finally get them dialed it it's a different story. When it comes down to it if you get the proper temps ( below 90 and above 50 ) most any pepper plant will thrive. Go with the yellow 7 pot. Very prolific. Ideal temps IMO would below 70's at night and mid 80's during the day. That's when my plants do there best. Drop me an email. I can hook u up!!!

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Jamie..... Your turning into a regular Pepper Pimp! :)

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

I hate gardening before but I like house plants not the flowers mostly green leafy 3/4 feet or more taller potted plants.I bought some of the potted plants most of them died due to ignorance of taking care. Those survived ones were also not very healthy.

I eat chilli a lot whenever I have launch and dinner I would like to get sweating because of chilli hot otherwise I do not feel I am having lunch and dinner.

I buy potted chilli plants from the supermarkets such as Aldi it has already fruits. None of them were hot. I did not know most of the chilli names except some of the Indian chilli such as Ghost chilli known as many different names according to the different states it grows. Naga Morich in Nagaland, Bih Jolokia in Assam and U-Morok in Manipur. I knew it as U-Morok because I have some friends from Manipur. She told me most of the chilli plants are not big to call tree but U-Morok is bigger than the other chilli plants in Manipur and hotter than the other chilli so they called it U-Morok (U= Tree, Morok = Chilli). Most of these U-Morok grows in the hilly area not in the valley. Those people grows in the valley are not for mass production just for hobby most of them died and not healthy. First time I thought it must be due to the soil different from the hilly area but I was wrong. After I read many articles about chilli growing then I found that it is the wetland of the valley. The valley of Manipur is surrounded by 9 mountains it is a very fertile land but it is not good enough for specially U-Morok. The other chilli plants have no problems to grow in the valley. They have a lot of hot chillis some of them are called Uchi Thi (Uchi = rat or mouse, Thi = poo) because it looks like rat poo, the shape and size. Morok Mashinga (Morok = Chilli, Mashinga = chilli pod or membrane the main part surrounded by the seeds in chilli)they think it is the hottest part in chilli. Morok Mashinga is a bit bigger than the Uchi Thi. Both of them have similar nice flavour.

Those U-Morok grows in Manipur are mostly organic. They did not tell me any complication of germination. They said due to the transportation problem ( some of the area do not have road for vehicles only they have small tracks, they have to hike in the mountain so many hours)they cannot harvest the U-Morok on time so it dropped to the grounds and grow it again, it means it is very easy.

As a newbie the easiest chilli plants I grow was habanero. It was accidental I consider. I bought some habanero from supermarket for eating. It looked very nice and somewhat hot, the origin of those chilli was Holland. I took some of the seeds and put inside my fridge. One day one of my potted plants died and so I sowed the seeds there. I did not give any attention to them and I did not plan to grow chilli. All my potted plants I put on the windows shield. One day I saw a lot of sprouted chilli plants. Then I bought some pots for them but it was too many so in one pot I planted maximum 3/4 plants. It grows without any problems and getting bigger and bigger. I was so happy and looking for better and bigger pots. Since then I started reading on the net to grow chillies successfully. I have bought Ghost/umorok and Trinidad Moruga Scorpion and T Butch from ebay. My first umorok came from Germany the seeds came with a little bit of pod or membrane it were germinated very fast. I tasted the membrane that's also very hot. T Butch from USA were not germinated I lost the money. Trinidad Moruga scorpion are also from USA it also geminated very fast. Now I am germinating umorok from Australia. I killed some of the chilli plants to keep one plant for one pot because it looks so many.

I feel UMorok/Ghost and habanero grow faster than the Moruga I use the same pot soil and I do the same treatment but the Trinida Moruga is a bit slow.

I made mistakes about nitrogen fertilizer. When my chilli plants getting flowers I put a lot of fertilizer without any consideration of negative affects. I fertilized many times in one week. As a result I think I got new leaves and Aphids. Still I have been trying to rid off these aphids. The first year I did not use any fertilizer except the pot soil I bought and I did not have any problems of aphids.

I did not know how to use the pots so the pot in the picture has no self watering system as well as I did not put any stone or polystyrene in the bottom of the pot to drain the water. This is also my first Habanero chilli plants the first year I did not get get much fruits and second year I got two times fruits and a lot.

Now I am a newbie chilli grower and growing chilli in the pots are my hobby now.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

About 6/7 months old Habanero I cannot remember the date of sowed.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Four months old umorok, seeds from Germany ebay.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga, seeds from USA ebay.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Trinidad Moruga Scorpion right now, seeds from USA ebay.

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Glad to hear you enjoy this hobby. It's amazing how fast you get hooked. Be very careful buying seeds on eBay. There are a lot of people who will sell you something other than what they advertised. It's hard to complain, because by the time it produces fruit, your time to comment is expired. If you need something, just ask here. There are a lot of good guys/gals on here that will give you seed that you know is true. Most only ask that you send a SASBE (self addressed stamped bubble envelope). Good luck!


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"Be very careful buying seeds on eBay."

Don't buy seed on eBay would be better advice, imo.

The amount of off-type (to just plain rip-off) seeds sold there is comparable to the amount of disease that come with them.

I know a lot of people who buy seed from people who have no idea how to properly collect, store, or sanitize seed spreading virus and bacteria all over North America.

...not to mention most vendors sell their seed for way too much.

Heck, at this point I sanitize all my seed I get in trades, too. It's a concern too many people (imo) don't investigate.

Fwiw, anyone who's ever gotten seed from me has had their seeds 10% bleach soaked + agitated, though I've never said so or claimed to have sanitized seed in any offers (mostly because I don't use an additional TSP soak like most legit seed dealers).

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

It is a very good advice nc-crn 7b and thank you. Lack of problems of finding reputable sellers just I tried ebay. Sometimes I think if it comes the whole chilli or half it should be more better for the growers. About the disease I agree with you. From ebay I have bought Trinidad Scropion T when I got the seeds the color of the seed are already something wrong, it has a kind of dark spots very different from the other seeds I have got. None of them were germinated. I cannot complain or give negative feedback because seeds take time to get germination during this time the time of giving feedback was expired.

I am very concerned about the breed many growers spent a lot of time, money and energy, then when the fruits came out and it was different from the one we expected. It will be the most frustrated moments of the growers, it is wasting time, energy and money. One of the growers here showed the picture of his Ghost chilli but it looks like habanero. Mainly the new guys like me do not know much about the breed.

Next time if I buy new seeds I will try to buy from the reputable sellers.

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

Tim, I am really sorry because I did not see your message before. Next time I will be very careful to see the reply of my messages. You already explained very well about the problems of ebay. Thank you very much for your advice.

In fact I did not believe I will be interested like this. Whenever I go to the shop I am looking for the fertilizer and nice pots jut it draws my attention. I started visiting gardening school centers they sale a lot of things for gardening, and I do not much care about spending money on it. Everyday I wake up the first thing what I do is look my chilli plants.

I will try to use SASBE in the future. Thank you again.

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DMForcier(8 DFW)

> "Everyday I wake up the first thing what I do is look my chilli plants."

You're hooked.

I'm hooked. We're all hooked.

What is it about these little devils? Sometime I just need to go bite a fresh one even though I know it's gonna hurt. And it does.

Wait until you get your hands on a real Ghost (Bhut Jolokia). Great pepper. Big hurt. Yumm!


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Dude, anyone ever tell you that you're a masochist?

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chilliwin(EU DK 7)

To look at my chilli plants are very peaceful, such type of feeling I never have before. No politics, no stress, only the chilli, so peaceful.
As a new container gardener avoiding mistake is my first priority to grow my plants properly, you guys here are my teachers now. I do not know how long I am going to hook here.

Thank you all the posters here, enjoy your time and let's share our knowledge and experiences.

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