RB Gone and chinese rose beetle

mauirose(11)July 11, 2007

RBGone is a beetle trap sold by some folks on the Big Island who claim it is effective against chinese rose beetle? anyone have any experience with this? They use it in a young fruit tree orchard.

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Wondering about the beetle trap as well. Anyone used it?

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Karen-I trialed a homemade version before purchasing one-stuck the HD solar light they recommend through a bundt pan with some soapy water in it. Caught a few beetles but not in significant numbers. Might have been slightly more effective with a larger pan underneath because the flanges on the lights slope outwards and down but only slightly. Tried a different solar light with smooth sides without much difference. I spend a few evenings hand picking and didn't see very many beetles even attracked to the light which i see as the biggest problem with this trap.

All very disappointing to me after reading the website claims. Suprising too since they seem to be nice, sincere folks.

Also tried putting the solar lights right next to the rose bush to keep the beetles away since they are purported to be attracked to light but prefer to land and feed in the dark. Didn't work for me either way.

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