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zilverosaJuly 24, 2011

Hello you all

I lurk here for a long time and learned a llllooootttt. And I tought to find all I wanted to know. But I' m having a lot of problems in my garden. I try to have a circle garden. I have lots of compost. This must be painful to read for some of you but never used it. And now after and after reading especially Kimmsrs postings I begin to understand. Just because my roses do not thrive much. I have over hundred of roses. Each year haha I bought more because mine were not as I wanted them to be. Never watered. Did not give them much of a fertilizer. I loved them, do not think I neglected them but I did not know anything.

My question is now. Some of them are twelve years old. I am Flemish so moderate climate. Sandy soil. None of them died in the years. How to begin to do it right? Can they still become large bushes? Tilling the compost in is not an option. So how can I in the fastest way get a good healty soil. I lost so much time. And I regret that very much.

Cannot express how envy most of you to have such large gardens. I will look for an American with a large piece of land, haha.

Thank you for reading.

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buford(7 NE GA)

The problem may be your sandy soil. You don't need to till in anything. Just put the compost or any organic material around the base of your roses. Do this a few times the first year, then at least every year. The organic material will improve your soil from the top down. Right now, your roses are probably not getting a lot of nutrients from the sandy soil.

I use compost, composted manure and alfalfa pellets. I also add bone and blood and cottonseed meal. Roses like a lot of organic material.

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