Good peppers for salsa?

PunkRotten(9b)October 15, 2011


WHat are some good mild-medium peppers for salsa. Things like Jalapeno, Frenso peppers, Serranos are ok. I am gonna try some Lemon Drop peppers, and if I can get my hands on some Bulgarian carrot peppers I'll try them too. Basically I am looking for good salsa peppers but nothing too hot. Serrano and jalapeno heat is good, even slightly hotter than a Serrano is ok too.

How hot are lemon drops and bulgarian carrots? Feel free to list some other peppers. Thanks

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You might want to try a Hot Hungarian Wax pepper.

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IMO, Bulgarian Carrot has a bit more heat than people give it credit. I've grown out a few different seed sources and all have had more heat than I expected. It wasn't serrano-hot, but it kicked closer to a serrano than a jalapeno. It does add a little bit of fruity/sweet, but not a huge amount. Seedy little things...thin-ish flesh.

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Are the hungarian wax good for salsa? I have seen them before and the heat is not too bad. I just don't like anything hot like cayenne and tabasco and hotter.

nc-crn - yeah if the heat is close to serrano that is fine with me. Just trying to find good salsa peppers and interesting ones that add a extra twist. Reason I thought of carrot peppers and the lemon drop is I hear they add fruity/citrus flavors.

Problem is I get too many inconsistent answers all over the web. Some claim a pepper is a certain heat and others say it is milder or hotter.

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For me, Lemon Drop seemed at least as hot as Cayenne. It does have a nice flavor. One pepper I have become very fond of is Rocoto...very sweet, but also quite hot...not what your asking for heat-wise, but in small quantities adds a nice flavor to dishes.
One medium-hot I like is Georgia Flame. It's not very fleshy, but has a good bite without being overpowering.
For a stronger flavor, you could try one of the reduced-heat Habanero types like Zavory or Aji Dulce 2. I've grown the latter and it's very fruity with just a hint of heat.
Growing conditions can affect heat intensity so that is probably why you get different opinions on heat level(besides one's own perception of heat). JME, HTH

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If you're looking for something milder than Jalape�o, I would suggest Rain Forest or stick with the Fresnos. Rain Forest has a nice citrusy flavor but thinner flesh.
John A

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Punrotten: Hot Hung wax get confused with several other varieties to include banana peppers. I can't take very hot peppers but I love these canned and on sandwiches. I am not sure how they would work for salsa specifically as far as the consitency, but the heat is relatively low. Way lower than cayenne for instance. If you pick them just as they begin to ripen, they are even less hot but still very tasty.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

My new favorite for salsa this year is Santa Fe Grande. The heat is similar to a jalapeno, but there is a sweetness to it that a jalapeno doesn't have. It was more productive for me than Fresno, which is another one I tried for the first time this year.


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Thanks Bonnie I will consider that one.

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