Black Spot, Green curled worms and rust

curlylocksJuly 5, 2004

I have all three. All my roses have it. For whatever reason the only problem I ever had was powdery mildew for a few years after alot of rain and then that never came back, but then two years ago I started gettting the BS, rust and worms. My husband couldn't keep up with the chemical spraying and it wasn't effective. I've been trying to read some past posts on the above three but am getting very confused....My question is this: is there something organic out there that will help with all three or do I have to use different mixtures for the three different problems? I use the Murphy's oil soap and water trick and it's great with the insects and snails because being oily the critters don't stick to it. Thanks for your help.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

Black spot and rust may be controlled pretty well by spraying sulfur as described in this forum's FAQ. If you don't want to spray and there is enough disease to largely defoliate the plants, you may need to cull the worst varieties and plant some new ones that are recommended for no-spray gardens in your climate.

Are the curled worms sometimes posed in an S-shape with bodies partly lifted off the leaf? If so they are rose sawfly larvae. They can usually be controlled well enough by hand picking. Natural predators such as wasps will help you out sometimes. If you think they are regular caterpillars rather than sawflies, then BT-K is an effective control that won't hurt anything but the worms. Ask at the garden center for the bacterial caterpillar control BT, sold under various brand names.

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The worm is totally in a spiral position and it's flat against the leaf.

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michaelg(7a NC Mts)

I would just handpick in the areas where you see damage, or spray BT. It needs to be repeated after heavy rains until the season for your varmint is over, usually a few weeks for each kind of caterpillar.

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rini(Rochester, NY)

Curlylocks -

*sigh* it sounds like my garden after this wet, wet spring/summer. The worm sounds like rose sawfly larvae -- that's how it appears on my roses too. I've been doing hand-picking also -- tweezers in one hand and soapy water dish in another.


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