Spring Swap 2008 -- Pictures

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoMay 20, 2008

Hi all,

Sorry itÂs taken me a couple days to get this posted! It took a day to recover from the swap, and IÂve been really busy since then!

The swap, once again, was great fun! Thank you, again, Charlene, for hosting it. And, once again, your spinach salad was wonderful, as were BillieÂs home grown deviled eggs. Thank you all for the great food. I was eating cookies on the drive home!

Thank you to those of you who brought the earmarked things I had requested. All very much appreciated! I just wish I had a bigger yard so I had room for more things. There were several things I saw that I would have loved to have, but just donÂt have room. And thank you, Billie, for the man-your-ay! It has a happy new home!

If anyone has any questions at all about any of the things I broughtÂwith the pink labelsÂplease let me know. ThatÂs true for any of you who got the unrooted houseplants too.

Here are the few pictures I took. I finally got in one of the pictures this year, and IÂll identify myselfÂand leave it up to the rest of you if you want to identify yourself, as in picture number so-and-so, wearing such-and-such! IÂm in the first picture, wearing shorts and the red blouse!

Click to enlarge, and then you can arrow thru the rest!

I know there were a couple other people who took some pictures too, so please add yours to this thread when you have a chance.

Hope to see you all again for the Fall Swap,


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I'm going to bump this one down off of the top, but I'd REALLY enjoy seeing some of the pictures others took if you ever find time to post them.

Just a couple more months till the Fall Swap,

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