Name of this rose?

nynaeve(z8 TX)June 3, 2005

I bought this rosebush in sad shape at Wal-Mart on the clearance rack for $2.75. I re-potted and fertilized it and WOW is it beautiful now! However it had no label and until it bloomed I did not know what color it was. The blooms are large, light yellow with pink tips. Anyone know the name? Here are some photos:

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LizzieA(z9 CA Sunset 17)


Here is a link that might be useful: Bella Roma at HelpMeFind

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petaloid(SoCal 10a/24)

Peace was my first thought too. Check the photo link below and see what you think (click on the "Main" tab for a description):

Here is a link that might be useful: Peace photos on HelpMeFind

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johnreb_va7(z7 VA)

Nynaeve, it would help us a lot if you would include important identification-info the rose's fragrance-level, and whether it blooms mostly singly or in clusters, etc, etc. Are its leaves dark, medium, or light green? Are they glossy, semi-glossy, or "matte" (non-glossy)? Yeah, I know some leaves show in your photo, but photos can be "variable" - depending on the camera and lighting-conditions.

For example, Bella Roma's fragrance is rated strong, while Peace's is rated mild (at best).

You're asking for identification-help but providing almost nothing but pictures. No-one can feel certain about a rose-identification based on so little information. How certain about your rose's name do you want to be?


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nynaeve(z8 TX)

I apologize for my inadequate post! I just recently bought my first rose bushes, and I obviously had no idea how many aspects of comparison exist between types. Allow me to present a more detailed picture of my mystery rose:

Fragrance Level: I compared this rose to my Broadway and American Pride roses and it is not near as strong. I would say it has a mild fragrance.

Leaves: Here is a close up of the leaves. I would say they are medium green and pretty glossy. The new leaves are a lighter green and very glossy.

It blooms singly, similar to how my Ingrid Bergman blooms. I counted 12 buds that I could see. Here is a photo of the whole bush:

I hope this helps pinpoint the rose type!

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johnreb_va7(z7 VA)

It *does* help pinpoint the rose-variety. : ) Thanks.

I tend to rely on the official description-data in the ARS rose-encyclopedia "Modern Roses XI." It's info for Peace says it has "slight" fragrance and its leaves are dark green and glossy. But that refers to a rose's fully-mature leaves, not the lighter green leaves on younger stems. (You can clearly see the color-difference between young-ish and fully-mature foliage in your pot-photo.)

There are actually at least half-a-dozen different varieties of roses that can "look like Peace" in photos. But with the additional identification-info you've provided, we can feel much more certain about telling you that it is the Peace hybrid-tea rose.


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My guess would be either Pristine or Garden Party. Most likely Garden Party, as it has Peace as a parent. Both are whitish with pink edging on the blooms-and both are plentiful at our local Wal-Marts right now. Both have very nice, well formed blooms, too.

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rosetom(7 Atl)

Sorry, but it is not Pristine or Garden Party (even though Garden Party has a Peace lineage). I have both, and Peace, too. JohnReb is right, the leaves in the very first photo are positive proof of Peace somewhere in the lineage. The appearance of the flower clinches it.

Like JohnReb, I have no doubt it is Peace.

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rosetom(7 Atl)

BTW, thank you for the wonderful pictures - especially the second set that shows the whole bush. That should put to rest the rumors in recent years that Peace has lost its vigor due to heavy breeding. Yours is the best $2.75 Walmart rose I've ever seen.

Better get it out of that pot and into a whiskey barrel soon!

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johnreb_va7(z7 VA)

Like Rosetom, I have Peace, Garden Party, and Pristine in my yard. No offense meant toward anyone, but another reason it is very unlikely to be Garden Party or Pristine is that the rose-blooms in Nynaeve's series of photos show waaay too many petals to be Garden Party or Pristine. The the "petal-count" factor (the AVERAGE number of petals per bloom) is a very important ID-clue - it should always be considered carefully when attempting to identify a rose.

So, "for the record"...
according to the ARS "2004 Handbook For Selecting Roses" -
Peace averages 43 petals per bloom,
Pristine averages 28 petals per bloom,
Garden Party averages 28 petals per bloom.

I should mention that vigorous "Spring Flush" blooms can have a higher petal-count than the yearly average, and some of the later-season blooms can have a bit fewer petals than the average.


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