What plants to you mulch?

blueiris24June 6, 2011

What plants do you regularly keep mulch on and how much mulch? Any favorite type of mulch?

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Are you wondering about any particular type of plants? I use small bark mulch around all my perennials, and grass clippings around all my veggies. Everything I have is mulched with something--to conserve moisture and to keep the surface of the soil soft enough that the water will soak in more than run off.


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dan_staley(5b/SS 2b AHS 6-7)

The entire yard save for hardscape and turf is mulched. I use the free wood chips from the city. The veggies have a straw mat mulch.


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So far this year I've been mulching with tree leaves and cuttings from the clover. I'm also experimenting with using clovers as a living mulch around the melons, winter squash and in the new bed which has a variety of vegetables.

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I have mulched my paths in the perennials but bad experiences with mulch in the veggies have kept me from using it there - with one exception. Besides, I would need an 18-wheeler load to mulch all the veggie ground.

The exception in the veggies is the potato patch. But, I want to tell you, my worse experience with mulch was trying to grow potatoes under hay -- the voles got under that hay and absolutely destroyed my potato crop!

So, why do I mulch potatoes these days?? Well, I don't put it on too early, don't put it on too deep, and I need to put something on - I figure.

Potatoes really should be hilled and semi-decomposed compost is a good choice to move onto them. I will be doing that this week! First a little organic fertilizer, then as much compost as I think will do the job of keeping the tubers from sun damage.

. . . just what I do.


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