Our Flowers in June!

Skybird - z5, Denver, ColoradoJune 3, 2009

Hi all,

Like Bonnie, I figured the Gardens in June thread would be about flowers, but since there are already a lot of posts over there about veggies, Im gonna start a separate thread for the flower reports! I spent most of today downloading and titling over 160 pictures that I took during May, and since I never got them done in time to post on the May thread, look out RMGÂhere they come!

HereÂs a cute little Aubrieta that I wintersowed in Â07 thatÂs blooming for the first time this year. Next year it should be really great!

Here are the Iceland poppies that I also wintersowed in Â07 Â seeds from Stevation. This is the only color that bloomed this year, and I really need to get some more of the seeds started! I think the colors of the Iceland poppies are SO pretty!

HereÂs one for you, Bonnie! This is the orange creeping wallflower I bought a small plant of last year. This one, too, should be big and beautiful by next year. IÂve put the Latin names of the plants on all the pictures, but you need to click on it to get to the album to be able to read the titles.

These two pics are for you too, Bonnie! Since you took the couple little Euphorbias home that I brought to the swap! The first is what it looks like when it starts growing back after winter, and the second is a recent one of it "blooming." I know I told you it has insignificant flowers! When itÂs done blooming, I cut it all the way down so itÂll grow new, compact foliage for over summer (which will be green over summer), and if you cut it in early fall and it has time to start growing back again, itÂll have the red foliage over winter. I didnÂt get mine cut back early enough last fall since the swap was here, so it didnÂt start growing back till early spring this year.

HereÂs a couple pics of the Allium ÂStar of Persia I got from somebody at the Fall Swap last year, and I canÂt remember who it was, and IÂd really like to knowÂso, whoever you are, please let me know!

This is the blue flax I got from somebody at the Spring Swap in Â07Âour first one!

This is Anacyclus, mat daisy/Mt. Atlas daisy. I bought this one last year, but planted it under one of the junipers, and it was constantly covered with all the "droppings" from the juniper and never really did anything. I moved it late last fall, and it looked more dead than alive all winter (itÂs evergreen and it just looked TOTALLY wilted!) so I wasnÂt sure how it would do, but itÂs doing great now that itÂs not constantly buried under all that crud! I love the red reverse on the petals of this one, and they close when the sunÂs not out, so then you see the red.

For all of you who got starts of Anemone sylvestris at the Spring Swap, here are some pics so youÂll know what to expect in a couple years. Mine was started as a small plant I brought with me when I moved in here (5 years now).

And, Jennifer, hereÂs what the Coreopsis auriculata ÂNana will look like in a couple years. I donÂt know if IÂm gonna have time to keep it deadheaded or not this year, but if you do, it blooms for a long, long time!

HereÂs a recent pic of the center part of my main perennial bed. I am so happy, finally, with my perennials this year. And IÂm so glad I decided to dig some of them out that were getting too big but werenÂt looking that great because of the shade from the neighborÂs cottonwoods! More revising yet to doÂthis year if I have time, or next year for sure! More plants for the swaps!

There are so many more things starting to bloom! IÂm going to need to take more pictures, but I got an inch of rain last nite and today! The rain bent over some things! My Thalictrum is mostly open now, and was bent all the way down to the ground! I went out when it stopped raining and staked it to be sure the stems donÂt break! ItÂs looking really good this year. And I tied up a few other things too. Needless to say I was soaked and COLD when I came back in! A nice warm rain it was NOT! But the, do we ever get "warm" rain out here! I think not!

What does everyone else have blooming?


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Okay, Skybird, I have a confession to make ... the little Euphorbias died before I could get them planted out. The good news is that I did get one Euphorbia polychroma seedling from a packet of seed I wintersowed. It was my second year to try those, so I'm guessing those are difficult to germinate?

Thank you for the creeping wallflower photo, very lovely! I also think that Iceland poppy is gorgeous! How tall are they?

The Anacyclus would be cute interplanted with those Anemones, and maybe some of the Delosperma congestum creeping around at the base!

We got more rain again last night, so everything is lush and green this morning. I have tons of things getting ready to bloom, so I should have more photos to post in the next few days.


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jnfr(z5b CO)

Your flowers are lovely!

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Thank you, Jennifer!

Bonnie, if youd like to try the Euphorbia again, when I was pulling out seedlings a week ago, the roots were coming out with them, and I couldnt stand to throw them all away, so I stuck them in 6 potsat least 6 seedlings in each pot. So far theyre looking good, and assuming I can keep them alive in small pots all summer with my comings and goings, Ill have them to give away at the Fall Swap! If anything will make it (Ive already stuck a couple other little thing in pots), the Euphorbia will! They can take almost any conditions once they get going, including, seemingly, completely dry! So Ill just need to be careful to not keep them too wetwhich I tend to do when I know Im leaving for 3 or 4 days! Once theyre in the ground and somewhat established, BTW, they can take wet or dry or just about anything! Your polychroma is very different, so they wouldnt even seem like the same plant! With your polychroma, I also recommend cutting it ALL the way down when its done blooming (not this year if its a seedling!) Itll grow pretty new foliage which may turn red in fall, depending on the weather, and will possibly look good all winter.

The stuff I brought to the swap this year had been potted up shortly before the swap so it hadnt had time to root out in the pots! Usually I try to get stuff in the pots early enough that they have time to root out to the bottomthe same as if you were buying it somewhere, but just couldnt get it done this time. I was afraid some of them wouldnt make it. I hope the shastas made if for everybody! All the plantlets had at least some roots, and thats why I stuck 3 of them in each potso even if one died, there would still be a plant! By fall I can always do a few more if somebodys didnt survive!

The Iceland poppies can be put just about anywhere! The foliage is short and the flowers are about a foot above the foliage on wirey stems so it looks like the flowers are just floating above them. Theyre short lived, but they reseed easily, or you can save the seed and stick them where you want them.

This is the area where I dug out the hardy pampas grass last year!

Who else has pictures?


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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Hey Skybird, think you could save some seeds from those pretty poppies for me? I didn't plant any mixed poppies, because I'm so picky about the colors, but I did plant some orange and red annual and perennial ones. I saw a yellow one in someone yard the other day that I really liked, but don't know if I've ever seen seed for that color, so maybe it came from a mix.

Anyway, I took a few more pictures today, but the sun was out, so they aren't the best quality.

Gaillardia 'Oranges & Lemons' 1st bloom of the season

Sedum kamtschaticum 'Variegatum'

Okay, I know everyone's probably sick of looking at my 'Coppertina', but this is it's third year, and the first time I've gotten to see it bloom, so I'm just excited about it! Notice the honeybee? It is just covered with pollinators.

These next two were taken of the herb bed, and for those of you that know me, the purple may come as a shock, but that seems to be the color most herbs bloom! Notice they aren't allowed to mingle with all of the reds, yellows, and oranges that are in the flower beds, but are stuck at the back of the house by themselves, LOL! From front to back its chives, lavender (not in bloom yet), thyme, and sage. Oh, and look at the plant at the top right. That is French tarragon. I had no idea it would get that tall!

Tricolor sage

That's all for now, but I'm sure there'll be plenty more blooming soon!


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dafygardennut(5b-ish, CO)

I had to go to Oklahoma for 5 days and then spent a week playing catchup with work. Of course while I was gone everything decided to start blooming. The veronica is about done and the candytuft is finished. Please ignore any weeds you may see :-)

Ajuga - chocolate chip

Creeping baby's breath

Snow in summer - looking a bit ragged since I dug some up from the back for a neighbor

Sweet Woodruff



Delphinium Black Knight (it's more purple IRL than it shows in the pics) and Salvia

One little flower on the cranesbill

Daphne Dale, Wynnson, Amanda's Intrigue and Elizabeth's Magic Lily's from CatLadysGarden are sending up flower stalks; Yarrow and Daisies are setting buds, and the roses have buds, but none are blooming quite yet.

Here's a shot of the front yard from the house, it looks more filled in from this angle :-)


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

With all the bad weather weve had recently, I have really lucked out! The only time Ive had hail was while I was away on my last trip, and it must have been pretty small and not lasted very long because the only damage I have is some holes in my hostabut really not that bad. Im kinda glad I wasnt here when it happened, cause I would have been freaking out worrying about how bad it would get!

Heres an update on the things I have and have had blooming since I last posted.

Thalictrum aquilegiafolium wish this stuff bloomed longer it only blooms for about 3 weeks!

Campanula persicifolia, Peachleaf Bellflower with Festuca glauca Elijah Blue on the right

Geum chiloense Mrs. Bradshaw. These are planted in too much shade (the seed I started was for Lychnis chalcedonica so I planted it in part shade, but it turned out to be Geum, and I havent gotten around to moving it yet!) so the plants dont look very good, but the flowers are sure pretty!

Aquilegia chrysantha with Penstemon strictus, Rocky Mountain Penstemon

The columbine and penstemon with Dianthus barbatus, Sweet William. The Sweet Williams were tiny little seedlings last year that I winter sowed in winter 07/08.

The Sweet Williams with one lone Iceland poppy blooming now! (Bonnie, you mentioned on another thread that youd like seed for the poppy, and I was able to get a little bit, so its for you!)

Some more Sweet Williams. Have I mentioned how much I love these things!

Iris sibirica Ceasars Brother Siberian Iris

Gypsophila repens Rosea another one I winter sowed in 07/08.

This is the view down the side of my deck with lots of the yellow columbine on the left and an Angelica on the right. I was gonna dig up the Angelica this spring because it stinks, but I didnt get around to it! When I look at this now I can hardly believe that three years ago it was still all rock mulch!

And I finally got a Heuchera sanguinea Firefly planted in a shady enough place that its not burning upand its finally blooming!

And one more! My Trollius europaeus, Globeflower, which only blooms for a couple weeks, has come and gone!

What all do the rest of you have blooming?


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singcharlene(Zone 5)

So pretty! I love looking at your photos! I love that iceland poppy color too. I can't believe all the things you already have blooming. I guess because I am 1000+ feet higher I need to be a bit more patient. I will have to take some pics of what I do have blooming now though : columbines, sweet williams, catmints, lots of herbs, a few unknown plant names. The natural wildflowers (that I did not plant) on our property are camera worthy this year.


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The Allium is fading but the Iris I brought home from the swap is blooming and the Dutch Iris are about to open.

I have been very slow getting started on my front flower garden so I have a growing number of little plants on my front porch and sidewalk. As more seeds sprout (I've had mixed results with wintersowing. I just re-planted several jugs) I'm transplanting them to 8 oz yogurt cups or 2" pots. I have about 100 tiny plants on my front walk right now. I also have 3 Jostaberries plus the Sprirea and Viburnum I got on clearance at Lowe's yesterday. I really need to get going on this project. I'm not doing well planning the garden so I guess I just need to just do it.

Speaking of Iris, whoever took the Iris I brought to the swap (it was in the coffee bag) that came from my neighbor's house- turns out her Iris are white, not blue. Just thought you might want to know...sorry 'bout that.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

I cant believe what alls blooming already this year either, Charlene! Even my goldenrod, which isnt supposed to bloom till late summer, is half open! Im waiting till more of its open to take a pic, and Ill post it next time. It was a tiny plant I got at the 07 Fall Swap, and this is the first year its gonna look really good! DO take some pics of your plants and post them! Wed all love to see them!

Just do it, Bean! Plant them where you think theyll look goodand you can always move them later if you dont like them there when they start to grow up. Most of them will probably be glad to get out of their pots and into the ground.

The tiny, tiny, tiny little May Night Salvia I just got from Amester at the Spring Swap has two tiny, tiny, tiny little flowers on it! Theyre just opening, and I need to get a picture to post!


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jnfr(z5b CO)

I have a big patch of Moonshine Yarrow in bloom. It's lovely.

Lots of roses. Here's one. They all came with the house, so I have no idea what varieties they are.

And in the herb bed, I have salvia, thyme, penstemon blooming, with echinacea budded and lavender just beginning to open.

And I'm still planting out the new perennials I got from the sales. It keeps raining, so I can't dig most days!

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Took a few pictures yesterday. Here is Achillea 'Paprika'. I divided it in the fall, so I'm surprised by how big the clumps are this year.

Close up of the same plant.

Achillea 'Anthea' with Delosperma kelaidis 'Mesa Verde', which was already starting to close up for the night.

Blue Oat Grass in bloom with Coreopsis 'Sunburst' behind it.

Close up of the Coreopsis 'Sunburst'

Gaillardia 'Goblin'

Penstemon pinifolius with Gaillardia 'Burgundy'

Rudbeckia 'Irish Eyes'. The sprouts came from the plant swap last spring, I'm thinking they were from Dafygardenut, but I might be wrong about that. The plants are twice the size of last year, close to 3' and covered in blooms. The bloom wasn't quite open all of the way. I should have waited until this morning to take that shot.

Asclepias tuberosa 'Gay Butterflies' with Sedum kamtschaticum 'Variegatum'

... and last, but not least, Aquilegia chrysantha, wintersown in '07 from Skybird's seeds

The daylilies are just starting to bloom, and the echinaceas are close too, so I should have more pictures soon.


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jnfr(z5b CO)

Really lovely! Is that Paprika Achillea more of a red/orange color like in the first view, or more of a pinkish/purple like in the close-up? Your flowers all look great.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

SO MANY beautiful photos!!

It's still June and I finally have blooms, so I'll add photos before the month ends...

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Ok, so they're not MY flowers, but I took a quick trip to Colorado Springs Utilities Xeriscape Demonstration Garden today. I've posted a few pictures at the link below. I only had a few minutes there between appointments today but I plan to go back in a couple weeks when Mom is here for a visit.

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highalttransplant(z 5 Western CO)

Jennifer, the color on my Achillea 'Paprika' is what I would describe as a cherry red. When it first starts to bloom the color is close to the first picture, but the blooms quickly start to fade to a dark pink, even peachy shade. If you want one that is more of an orange/red, the 'Walter Funke' or 'Fireland' would come closer.

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