Sedums in June

dafygardennut(5b-ish, CO)June 7, 2009

Might as well, we've done everything else and I wanted to post pics of the sedum starts I got from Skybird at the fall swap. I kept them in the cups letting them root over the winter and finally planted them out in April.


I can't remember the name of this one, but it's tripled in size since April

This one was mine after I learned how to do cuttings from sedums - Dragon's Blood getting ready to bloom

Thank you Skybird!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Dafy,

Nice to see your pics! Im not positive what your second pic is, but I think it might be ÂBlue CarpetÂ. ItÂs either that or Sedum album, the dangerous one that spreads all over your yard when youÂre not looking! If it has a blue spruce color, itÂs ÂBlue Carpet. I recommend cutting your ÂAngelina down to about an inch above the groundÂor a little less than that. ItÂll form more stems and come back thicker and denserÂand prettier than it will be if you leave it keep growing. Then you can either stick the cuttings in around the base of the plant, or use them to start another/more plant(s)!. My ÂDragonÂs Blood isnÂt looking that great right now, so I donÂt have a pic of it. Yours is looking good! I finally got my latest batch of pics downloaded, so hereÂs my sedums in June!

Sedum kamtschaticum ÂVariegatumÂ

Sedum reflexum ÂBlue SpruceÂ

Sedum hybridum

Sedum ÂBlue CarpetÂ

Sedum pachyclados

Sedum ÂAngelinaÂ

Sedum spurium ÂTricolorÂ

A buncha things! TheyÂre labeled if you click on the pic to go to Picasa!

Not a sedum, but itÂs a succulent! Delosperma ÂKelaidis Mesa Verde. This was taken 06.09.09. More flowers are open now, and I took another pic today, but itÂll be a while before I get it downloaded!

On the leftÂSedum ÂPurple EmperorÂ, upright sedum. Was a tiny, tiny start last yearÂshould be lookin good by next year!

SedumÂnot sure of the variety. Possibly ÂRosy Glow or ÂVera JamisonÂ. This is one of the "sprawling" type sedums with larger leaves than the groundcover ones, and they donÂt spread like the groundcover ones.

Another one of the "sprawling" type sedums that I donÂt know the variety name of. Got it from my niece in Chicago!

And last, but difinitely not leastÂbecause itÂs one of my favorite, favorite sedums: Sedum sieboldii, October Daphne. This pic was taken the middle of May, but itÂs better than my June pics!

Anybody else have some pics to show off?


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How funny that this thread was at the top again. I just came in from planting most of the sedum cuttings I got from the swap. They rooted nicely.

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I managed to take just the one photo for a change ;)

Here are tricolour, blue carpet and angelina:

There are also TONS of random unknown spuriums running around everywhere but I've put those photos up before...last year or the year before?


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