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lelamsk(9a)June 7, 2014

I purchased a lot of ORR mostly from Rogue Valley Rose Nursery or Heirloom Roses. Many of these were planted and did well but a few did not do well so I repotted them to give them a chance to grow up. I put plastic ID tags on them which wore off over time. So now I have some roses that are blooming that I need to identify. I will add these one at a time to avoid confusion. Rose 1 is an obvious climber. It has loose double petals that are approximaely 2.5 inch light pink with yellow brown stamens. It is now about 3 feet tall and has about 3 canes. I has red tinged lighter green leaves. It branches off in several places as a climber does with it's new shoots. The canes are thin and end with a three or four pink buds. I would say it looks like a Renae in form but the color of the flower is my pink then the light purplish pink of my other Renae. Also the leaves are different but this could be due to a fight it just had with fungal infection which I have not had problems with in Renae before. There are some small thorns. I will add several pictures seperately. thanks for any info you can give me.

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leaves from plant

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flower development at end of long canes

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another picture of canes

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new growth of climbing rose

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climber growth

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seil zone 6b MI

lelamsk, have you tried contacting Heirloom or Rogue Vally for an ID. They will know what stock they carry and could be better able to ID them for you.

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I was sure that this rose was Rosa Renae, which I have two others in the front yard. These are smaller flowers and a more of a light violet pink. This plant in young and is in a pot planted in full sun for at least 5 yrs a day. I took some more pictures which seem to be a more medium pink and larger flowers. Now I am not so it is Renae. So now am confused.. could be that it is a Rosa Renae and just looks different since different growing conditons. One of my Renae is in almost complete shade except for about 3 hours in late atfternoon and it is growing and blooming but flowers are slightly smaller and lighter violet color. These that I am trying to identify seem to be a medium pink and larger petals and just a little fuller. What ever it is, it really is beautiful.. I will keep watching it.. it is definitely a climber.

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You posted this picture i would like to paint it . I am doing a show of watercolor roses . Can i have your permission to paint this picture , and if i use it in my show can i included your name in the info . Like "mystery roses in bloom" rose grown bye ..... and your name so as to give you credit.

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