Neem oil with baking soda or alcohol?

mauirose(11)July 8, 2007

Has anyone tried mixing baking soda with neem oil to control fungus?

Also having trouble with Chinese Rose Beetles-the guy at the nursery suggested spraying 1 tsp neem oil mixed with 1/2 cup rubbing alcohol and 1 quart of water every three days. Is it safe to spray alcohol onto my roses?

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There is some research out there that shows that mixing anything with Neem Oil reduces the effectiveness of the Neem Oil. There would be no good reason to mix anything with Neem Oil.
Alchohol can easily kill plant tissue and is not something that should be used.
Baking soda changes the pH of the plant leaf and makes life difficult for the various fungal spores so they can't grow. Mixing Baking soda with something could change that and since it is quite effective by itself there is no reason to mix it with anything else.

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i would not use alcohol on any thing. i use Neem oil by Dyna-grow on all of my roses for everything and I have beautiful roses and no problems. i tried everything for years and the Neem does the trick. i use Ivory soap in place of the baking soda but baking soda is fine for mildew. My recipe is:

32 oz. water
two teaspoons of Neem Oil
one teaspoon of Ivory liquid.

I spray everyday around 4pm and not on overcast wet days.

I then use Rose Defense once a week or so.
Happy growing,

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Neem oil is baking with soda only.But its very good Ayurveda medicine for health.Its creates cold to our body


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