Second ORR I need help identifying

lelamsk(9a)June 7, 2014

I the last post I mentioned that may years ago I bought many ORR from mostly Heirloom Roses and Rogue Valley Rose Nursery. Some did not do well so I had to put them back in pots to let them grow up. I still have several that I need identifying. I now have two that are blooming so it is the best time to get help with identification. This rose has a long thin arching cane with one other shoot coming off the bottom of this cane. The leaves are a nice medium green with mostly five leaves and there are buds starting on all the leaves. The flowers are a f uniform medium pink at the end of the main cane with several other buds that have not opened. This looks a lot like Dainty Bess but I have never had a Dainty Bess, so I am pretty confused. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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leaves uniformly spaced up cane with new but on each five leave section. Hard to tell if this is a climber yet. Cane ending if well formed five petal flower with several other buds

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leaf formation

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plant in pot with new growth

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seil zone 6b MI

Are the stamens in the center or red or purplish color? If so my guess is Dainty Bess.

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vettin(z6b Northern VA)

Looks like my Dainty Bess. Could it have been a mystery rose that accompanied a rose order from one of the nurseries? My DAinty Bess was a mystery rose.

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At first I thought it looked like a Dainty Bess then realized it look very much like my other large Sparrieshoop. I think I just forgot that I had ordered another one years ago and these bands take so long to grow up. So although I would love Dainty Bess, and think I will order one.. I do love my Sparrieshoop also. A picture below of my older Sparrieshoop. thanks everyone for taking a look. Sometime I just can't remember all the roses I have.

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