Roses: Something is Wrong!? Cnetter?? Help!

jclepine(8b)June 13, 2008

Hi all.

Something is wrong with two of my roses, both Canadian Hardy Parklands. They both have canes that started to leaf but then the leaves never caught up with the rest of the plant and then dried up.

The stems look dark-ish but not like fire blight. At least I don't think so. The little leaves just dry up .

I could take a photo but I still can't find my cord for downloading!! :(

One of them had it very early on and it was clear to me that the stems were never going to produce, so I pruned them back. That area is now sending up new canes but now there is another branch with drying leaves!!

The other one looked fine early on so I only lightly pruned and left the canes alone. Now it has three that have dried up!!

I'm thinking I should prune and disinfect as if it were fire blight but I'm not sure.

Any ideas?

Thank you!


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david52 Zone 6

jclepene, I have that same thing on several dozen roses. It's a fungal disease - but I don't recall the name.

I finally figured out how to deal with it. When you do your spring pruning, cut off everything, and I do mean everything, 3" high. The new growth won't be affected this summer.

Unfortunately, it hit my climbing peace roses, which do so much better on old growth. They had 8 foot long arches over the walkway. Never again.

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david52 Zone 6

Thats what I've got.

Everything looks fine through the summer and fall and into the winter, and then it seems to start when the plants are greening up in the spring. Big black blots on the stems, with everything dead above it.

I've gone out in early May and spent a couple of days pruning out the dead stuff, leaving what looks good. Dip the pruners in alcohol and generally pretend I know what I'm doing re disease control with roses. Three weeks later, I have to go back and do it again, and then I've got some huge rose bush with one stalk or something coming up, so I whack that off to even the plant out.

Anywho, even the 8 or so I thought were complete toast this year, and I cut everything off, are now showing decent new growth. But the days of 5 foot high monster roses that go from one year to the next are over.

Linda Campbell seems more resistant than most. As does the climber, Zephren droghen (sp)

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I wonder if it is something in the dirt. The one in the pot does not have it but it also is smaller and growing more slowly. Six of one, half a dozen...

I wonder if I should try to only prune the bits that go bad? The season is so short here that I worry it won't grow back in time. Oh, woe!

Thank you so much for sharing, I was wondering what it cold be and hoping it wasn't something more serious!!!!


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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Jennifer,

I was thinking maybe I shouldnÂt chime in on this one, Âcause IÂm really not a rose expert in any sense of the word, but hereÂs my two bits! I donÂt have a clue what it is, but I have canes on my five roses out front that do that every year, and I just cut the affected canes well below the black or dying area. This is the fourth summer here, and they seem to be doing fine. And when I was selling roses, at both places, weÂd have canes start to blacken and die, and thatÂs what weÂd doÂjust cut off or out the bad canes. So I recommend trying just cutting back the individual canes at least a few inches below any indication of trouble and see what happens when they start to come back. IÂm guessing theyÂre going to be ok overall.

I can sure see how climbers could be virtually devastated, David. IÂm sorry to hear it was that bad for you.


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emagineer(z5 CO)

My climber did the same thing last year as your's David. At first it was rust on all the leaves about 4 ft into the longest growth (took leaves to the nursery). They sold me some spray, but had to cut 8' as the branches just died off, along with some other branches which looked bad. If it grows back to be a once rampant climber I will be surprised and very pleased, but don't have my hopes up. Right now it is blooming as hardy as ever and 10' tall, but the long branches which started to grow and leaf out died off last month as you described.

Actually, half of my lilacs had the rust too, there is 120' of 12' high lilacs along my property line. They had half the amount of blooms this spring and little growth. Am wondering if this is something going around as I looked at other gardens last summer and they had the same problem. No trees or plants other than the roses and lilacs were affected.

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