Alfalfa Tea for 1 rose only?

lindseyrose(8b/9 Texas)July 1, 2006

Okay, I can easily search and find a recipe for alfalfa tea, but I have a couple quickie questions that I can't seem to find the answer for.

I would like to brew alfalfa tea for ONE rose bush. I understand that I can do it in a gallon milk jug, but how much alfalfa should I add to that?

Also, a website I found a receipe on said it is a "spring" and "fall" treatment. Does that mean alfalfa tea is something that should be avoided during the heat of the summer (like, right now)?

And advice is much appreciated. :)

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If you have alfalfa pellets, just a couple will give you enough diluted tea for one rose. I'd put a couple into a gallon jug of water and steep it like sun tea. If it's not quite dark enough, it should be a meduim brown color, add a couple more and wait a few hours.

You can water your rose with alfalfa tea anytime you water. Recommended applications are Spring and Fall just so the rooses get a boost a few times a year. But it won't hurt them if you feed them every time you water.

When I make alfalfa tea, I also add about a teaspoon of liquid molasses to the mix. It attracts earthworms and they in turn enrich the soil around your rose roots.

And by the way, don't strain out the alfalfa before you water your rose. Just pour on the residue along with the tea. It's all good for the rose.


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