Please Help with Rose Bush Identification

ChannyJune 23, 2014

Hello Everyone, we recently purchased a new property that has a very large and unkempt rose bush. They look like the typical rose bush that you find on old farms in my zone (3). I don't know what it's called. It has such pretty blooms, but I'm afraid that my husband is planning on ripping it out with the backhoe this weekend since it's so unruly. I'm not sure if I want to keep it or start fresh, it has hundreds of blooms, ad I think it will be nice again with some care....but I just don't know. The blooms are very fragrant and do seem larger than normal, almost double in appearance. I appreciate any help you can offer. (I have not had a change to do any kind of pruning on it this year)

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I certainly hope your DH backs off til you can educate yourself about this lovely plant.

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Here are some other pics I don't know how to put them in the op.

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fully open

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I think it might be an old garden rose? I'm not sure I'm outside Thunder Bay Ontario in zone 3 a. There are a lot of dead canes that need to be cleaned up if we are to keep it. We bought a place that had a neglected yard with overgrown shrubs that is why we are using the backhoe to rip everything out. I'd like to save some bushes that are worth saving. This bush is about 6-8 ft high and about 10 feet wide.

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It is one of the Rugosas....a likely candidate would be 'Hansa' given its hardiness.

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seil zone 6b MI

It would be a terrible shame to destroy that beautiful rose! It can be cut back and tamed instead of ripped out. Besides, anything that can survive your brutal winters deserves to live!

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comtessedelacouche (10b S.Australia: hotdryMedclimate)

Did you save your lovely old rose from the backhoe? If it's flowering so well and is healthy why on earth destroy it? As the others say, it could easily be tidied up and pruned back into shape - easier to work with a robust rose that's obviously thriving in your climate with little care, than start again with something new that you may have to labour over...(Sorry, just my opinion).... Yes it looks as if it may be a rugosa or something with a bit of rugosa in it; I didn't know Hansa grew that big but others would know better. Does it smell sort of warm/clove-like? If it is H. you have yourself a very good rose that will be easy to care for in the future, once you've got it back under control. And there should be gorgeous big decorative hips in Autumn (Fall), from which you can make all sorts of wondrous old-time things like Rosehip Jelly and Tea. That's after you've finished bottling up the Rosepetal Jam, of course! :-D Seriously, you have to watch these men with their machines, they have to be spoken to very firmly, in my experience. I once had a neighbour who offered to come round to my place with his chainsaw and cut everything - trees, shrubs, everything - down to four foot high. He said it would look much neater. Honestly, they have no idea at all! (No offence to all the lovely sensitive blokes out there) LOL :-)

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