rooting cuttings....

zelicindyOctober 29, 2010

Afew of you fellow Bhut lovers have suggested to root some cuttings from our strange Bhut plant. How do we go about doing this? Thanks for all your info guys!!

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Go to the bottom of the first page and search "cuttings"
plenty of stuff

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rdback(Z6 VA)

Hi zelicindy,

Although I don't usually root cuttings, I had a Bhut plants' top break off. I didn't want to just throw the top away so I stuck it in a bottle of water. Simple as that. I'm sure there are many ways to root cuttings, but simple works for me.


New growth at plant base

Top rooting

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Root cuttings may not pass the genetic "defect" that let the yellow show itself over red. You're probably going to want a tip/stem cutting.

The thing that might be tricky is you said you were getting red and yellow on the same stem so it's not an isolated sport mutation.

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Ooops...i meant to say "Rooting cuttings." That's a mess.

You're going to want a tip/stem cutting from the stem you saw the yellow on over other randomly picked stems.

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Well it is true that sometimes a mutation happens only on one stem of a plant. If that is what happened then you want to root a cutting from the same stem. But we are not sure if the mutation is all through out the plant or only in the one stem.

Either way try to keep the entire plant alive. and try to root cuttings from stems. If you know what stem produced the yellow pepper then that is the best one to try. But I would try to root at least 5 cuts.

Stems can be very easy to root in the summer and very difficult to root at this time of year. To have your best chance to root a stem you want warmth and humidity and usually low light that should increase as it roots.

If you make water roots it is best to put the stem into soil as soon as possible with no more than tiny roots. I believe that all the "water" roots have to die and the stem has to start all over making new "soil" roots.

The water should be changed often like daily. It should be soft water like rain water. It should be clean of germs like boil it and let it cool. tap water with chlorine is to be avoided. lots of oxygen in the water helps. the expensive rooting systems spray water on the stem to add oxygen. some use aquarium air bubbler but I never had any luck with that as it cools the water too much.

Try to keep the water at 75 F or maybe better. that can be difficult.

In the old days they used to soak the stem in water for a couple of days to soften the stem for the roots to grow. That acts like a rooting hormone.

I like to put stems in rooting hormone and then immediately into sterile soil. I have had lots of 100% success and total failure doing exactly the same thing. I have always had good luck in the warmth of summer and a rough go in the cold of winter. The key to rooting is warmth. after all the stem roots under the soil in dark. there is not much else besides warmth and humidity to keep the leaves from drying out until roots can supply some moisture to the leaves.

If only the one stem has the mutation do not cut off the entire stem. cut off only a little of the growing tip to keep the rest of the mutated stem on the main plant. In fact if you are sure it is a mutation then you may as well chop off all the other non mutated branches.

What a deal to preserve a mutation. Maybe find a green house to keep the plant growing all winter in top condition. Universities might do it for you. I would contact Dr Boland at Univ of New Mexico Chile Institute. He is the best one to save and preserve this mutation. He will have all the best to be successful.

Good luck

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MERCY!! Thanks Garden!! We have "special Bhut" downstairs now, and did afew cuttings last night. Now waiting for the seeds of the yellow Bhuts to dry and see what happens. Guess we really won't know until the summer growing season starts!! Exciting to us....guess it is the simple things!!

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