confirmation please

hdchan(z5 IN)June 28, 2005


I bought this rose in March, tagged Peace. I'm wondering if it really IS or perhaps could have been confused with Chicago Peace, or another rose altogether... can anyone tell me?



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johnreb_va7(z7 VA)

You said it was "tagged" as being Peace. (It most definitely is not Peace - nor is it Chicago Peace.) Do you mean a metal ID-tag? Roses with a metal ID-tage are very rarely incorrectly named. On the other hand, roses which are sold with only a paper label are quite frequently mislabeled - my estimate is as much as 30% are incorrect, depending on the supplier.

What was the source of your mystery-rose (WalMart, HomeDepot, a local "real" nursery, an Internet seller, or some other source)?

Was it a bagged bareroot, or for sale leafed-out in a pot?

We need more info, such as its average petal-count per bloom. What is its comparative fragrance level (none, slight, light, mild, medium, strong, intense)? Also, does it bloom mostly singly (as your photo indicates), or mostly in clusters, or sometimes both singly and in clusters?

With no info to go on except the photo, my "snap guess" is Arizona. But a guess based on a photo alone usually isn't worth much.


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hdchan(z5 IN)


Thank you so much for your time...

The photo shows exactly what I have at the time. I guess "tagged" isn't the proper term... it was labelled that at the local nursery, bareroot. Yes, it does seem to be singly (so far). Fragrance is light to none, and the petal count is about 30-50. As these are the first blooms on this bush, perhaps it is too soon to really tell?

Thank you again,

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johnreb_va7(z7 VA)

Yes, probably to soon to really tell.

I (unfortunately) have lots of experience with cheap bagged bareroots. In my own yard, I've noticed that very often their initial behavior after planting can be ...ummm ...erratic. Meaning, their blooms may not act, look, or smell like they will when the plant gets some maturity. Which makes getting a "definite" Rose-Identifiction at its current stage a much more difficult proposition.

Please keep us informed with your observations as your newly-palnted mystery rose matures.


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rosetom(7 Atl)

I agree with JohnReb. It is definitely not Peace. I also agree that it's too soon to really be definite.

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