So cute...until she at the flowers

jclepine(8b)June 18, 2009

A ways back, I dug out the clover in one of my flower beds and then moved a plant out of the bed because I could not get all the clover out of that one. I figured I'd just pick it out here and there until it was gone.

Yesterday, while I was laying little red flag stones in an old weedy spot (I took the weeds out the day before), I caught Lucy (the biggest dog) sniffing each and every yellow flower. She took a big whiff, then moved to the next one and on and on. She was so cute I almost couldn't believe it.

Today, while I was standing in the sun and surveying my garden plans for the day, she started doing the same thing. But, then she took a bite and ate the flower head! She went to do it to the next flower and inside she went, under strict orders not to eat the daisies!

ARG! She really could not be any cuter but, gee, this is not wanted behavior. The silliest part is that I KNOW my dogs eat the plants. What was I thinking?

Hah, it made me laugh so I guess it wasn't that big of a deal. I thought you'd all enjoy it too.


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We don't have a lawn in the back yard. I think my older dog really misses laying in the grass. I keep finding her laying on the poor phlox I moved from out front a few weeks ago - all 85 pounds of her... those poor plants.

I am test planting a patch of grass soon and I hope to seed in the fall when DH comes back on leave.

The things our "children" do... :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Tales of a Transplanted Gardener

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jaliranchr(z5 EC CO)

LOL, yup, I can see it happening. :) I had three shrubs. Now there is just one after all the strutting, kicking, and peeing to impress the neighbor she-dog. But we love them anyway. :) Thanks for the chuckle.

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singcharlene(Zone 5)

Try gardening with a toddler, Jennifer. I pull a weed, she pulls up a plant. I dead head a marigold, she takes a handful of marigolds and yanks the whole plant out. I moved all of my houseplants onto the front porch and something about the large tropical leaves she just can't take without crinkling them like paper. Ugh. Now I try to keep her hands full with a little watering can and really encourage her to keep up with the important job of watering. :)

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Oh, you guys are funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Gordy (the middle dog) likes to kick to impress the neighbor's very large pit bull.

Lucy kicks dirt whether she pees or the other. And, wow, does she kick!

Pablo, well, he just likes to roll around in everything.

I'm glad the bigger dog is only 35 pounds!


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jnfr(z5b CO)

Sweet doggie loves the flowers!

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