Evelyn with friends

kathy9norcalMay 22, 2010

Evelyn is only two years in this spot, long and gangly and not filled out at all. She really needs support

for those long thin straight canes. Here are the spring blooms, next to Black Magic on the left. She seems

to love our cool spring weather.

and three days later, society garlic on the right,

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This photo makes me anxious to see my Evelyn bloom as well. I agree, it's an awkward grower starting from a band I purchased at High Country. Last year, within 3-4 weeks, it shot out 2 3.5ft canes from the tiny band, but they are not strong enough to stay upright and just lean over. I'm probably going to prune her back and see what kind of response I get in terms of new basals. You have the perfect spot for your Evelyn though for those tall long canes and it will fill out ever more in due time. I love when Evelyn is opening, the center of the bloom literally GLOWS apricot.

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It is really beautiful, Kathy. I am trying hard to resist it:-). Your support structure is nice too.


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ingrid_vc(Z10 SoCal)

Really lovely. I've always thought this was one of the prettiest Austin roses. Your support structure is really clever, although I imagine in time it will hardly be visible.


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Evelyn is gorgeous! I think I like it better than Abraham! Does it ball?

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Socabeth, not sure yet. It is too new for me, but I don't think it balls. It has been cool and damp on and off all spring and not so far.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I can see why this rose drives people to distraction.

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So to those who grow Evelyn, should I ditch the support next year and let it stand alone? Can it stand up without support and not sprawl everywhere? The support is too nice to disappear inside a rose.

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Evelyn tends to be more of a tall, upright arching rose based on what I've seen. In other words, it's not just going to gracefully arch over like say Golden Celebration. It will throw out upright canes when mature, although some will shoot out to the side and coupled with the enormous bloom/lateral weight will arch over to the side. HoovB's Evelyn is a prime example.....but then again HoovB's Evelyn is the best Evelyn I have ever seen, but then again she is in SoCal where roses become enormous. Based off of her pics though, you can get an idea of what Evelyn's mature habit is like.

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Lovely lovely rose Kathy! Your garden is wonderful.

Evelyn arches out, when it establishes the canes are big and strong enough to keep themselves off the ground, but the canes are always arching and the weight of the flowers makes them go downwards. I had a huge spring flush this year but many of them got ruined by the little rains and drizzles we kept getting. Watch out for Rust, too. She's a Diva.

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Oh dear. I did not put Evelyn in a big enough space if it gets even half as tall as that one in the photo. I refuse to move it again as it is taking a while to get established. I guess I will wait and see and judiciously prune it. I will watch for rust. I am not very tolerant of roses that get rust. My Joseph's Coat and Playboy have lots now and I am not happy. This spring weather has been so disappointing and shows no sign of stopping. It is permanently damp and drizzly. Rust loves it!

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

I will put up with spraying for Evelyn. I'll give Abraham Darby's fragrance floating thru the window for Evelyn. I'll live without Heritage for Evelyn.

A friend has a pretty little bush. It was Handel! She didn't want a climber in that spot so prunes to fit. Wonder if Evelyn can take the same treatment?

Rust is trying to have its heyday in this damp weather. Handel is loaded and Royal Sunset has tiny spores on some leaves. Need to check everybody. Not seeing it on Evelyn, yet.

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My Evelyn has never had any disease issues, but I spray, plus I live in Ohio. With that said, we were damp and drizzly almost all May in what was a dreadfully damp month to the point where my Belinda's Dream blooms balled which was a first. Also, many of the roses, including the Earth Kind roses at the Rose Park had enormous amounts of rust, which is relatively rare around Ohio here.

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Iris, sounds like Ode to Evelyn!

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canadian_rose(zone 3a)

Oh My Goodness!!!!

Such stuffed masterpieces!!! I can't believe how gorgeous your roses are!!! D R O O L !!!!


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serenasyh(was 5/now Z 8-Kans)

Very pretty rose that is supported very nicely and creatively, Kathy!

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Sigh ... she truly is the most beautiful rose in the world.

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barb_r(Z8 western Wa)

OMG your Evelyns are awesome! I've had one for several years but I haven't sprayed it or watered it enough in the last 2 years. Have to work so much I don't have time. It gives me a kick in the summer mornings before I hop in my car to give it a sniff. Not allowed to have flowers at my work.

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Stunning! What is the white rose in front of Evelyn in the last pic?

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Oh my---what a gorgeous rose-----Makes me really miss my Evelyn--


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