Any ideas on the name of this rose?

catnip3(z7 NM)June 25, 2005

I just started gardening at my church and have four roses to care for. Three were labeled but this one simply had a wire with no tag. The roses have been here for years I think and are irrigated in our Las Cruces, NM heat. This rose is about 30" high, the leaves are a medium green with a matte finish. It doesn't have many thorns and I'm supposing it's a floribunda. The flowers have no scent and are about 2.5 to 3 inches across. The petals are a pretty coral color with yellow at the base. The flowers soon fade to a rather nondescript pale color but they hold on for an amazingly long time. I don't know much about roses but I tried to answer any potential questions. Thank you for any ideas, I'd love to know what someone planted along side the Honor and two Blue Ribbon roses.

Image link:

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Could it be Carefree Wonder? Go to and click on roses to the left then type in name.

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angel_kittys_mom(6a OH)

Also try "Pleasure" on

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catnip3(z7 NM)

This unknown rose isn't pink (to me anyway). I called it coral but maybe apricot is a better description. Also, it has quite a bit of yellow on the outside of the petals when it's just a bud and barely open. I have a picture of that but didn't see how to put 2 pictures on.

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Sophie Wheeler

Could be a fully blown Bill Warriner.

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It looks a lot like Brass Band.

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catnip3(z7 NM)

You're right, some of the photos of Brass Band are a very close match! I'll have to try and find out when the roses were planted to make sure it wasn't before that rose was developed. Thanks!

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