Brazilian Starfish Pics

catwhisperer2009(6)October 23, 2010

Capsicum Baccatum

Brazilian Starfish

These were fun peppers to grow. I mean, look at 'em. Aren't they pretty? Heat-wise, I'd say they're around 30,000 scovilles or so. With all their crinkly edges, at first I didn't know how to slice them up. Just an enjoyable pepper to have around, and I recommend them.

Thanks to Sam B for the seeds. Thank you everyone who traded or gave me seeds.

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Those are really nice peppers. WOW

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roper2008 (7b)

Very nice. A lot of peppers on one plant.

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Plants look good!! What are you going to do with the peppers? I like to cut them up and put um on my salad. Probably going to try and pickle the rest of the pods..


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Last night I put them in a bruschetta with goat cheese and Aunt Ginny's Purple & Black Cherry tomatoes.

I've been busy de-seeding. I just harvested all of my 15 or so pepper plants. I like to just freeze 'em.

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