Getting used to eating spicy peppers

alex818(z9 CA)October 11, 2009

First of all Im sorry if this topic seems a little inappropriate but I just gotta ask you pepper heads out there.

I know that you have to gradually work yourself up to eating spicy peppers... I've been eating some very hot sauces lately such as "Dave's Insanity Sauce" and some other habanero sauces. I can handle it going in but sometimes coming out is the problem (know what I mean?). Does your body eventually get used to expelling the peppers less painfully like it does when you eat it? Any tips?

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Chile heads in training can put the Toilet paper in the freezer and also put their underwear next to it.

Eventualy you'll develope calluses. : )

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To get used to Hot peppers , first of all stop using these Hot sauces. It is the wrong way of getting used to real peppers of hot and very hot nature.

Work up your way gradually and DO NOT TRY TO JUMP THE GUN.
If you do, you will invariably end up having a Baboon Ass.

Habs, Tabasco, and still hotter varieties must be the stepping stone in that order.
Daily consumption in bearable quantity is a must.

Once you are comfy with that, then graduate to Bhut or Naga as I did . I would consume little by little Naga Pickle chutney daily twice and then thrice.

Now I am really comfortable with any damn pepper.
You need to drink milk if you are adversly affected in trial/graduation period.


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spiced_ham(z5 OH)

I don't like hot sauce but put habanero powder on alot of stuff and I've been known to chew on dried habanero peices, but even months/years of doing that didn't raise my tolerance very quickly so I started a training schedule that seems to have worked. Its like weight training where you have to take your muscles to the limit each session.

Here is my training schedule.

Jalapeno heat level fresh peppers (hot wax, serrano etc. I like Peru Pointer and Aji Cristal myself)(I seed mine)

Cumari - pea sized fire crackers

Peru white habanero- size of a large peanut, heat lasts half as long as other habs.

I snacked on a few jalapeno heat level pepers every evening until I got used to them then added one or two of the little yellow Cumaris at the end of the session. They are like biting on fire crackers but they are small and the heat doesn't last too very long.

I moved up to more Cumaris and added a white habanero every so often. The little white habs take a couple of minutes to kick in and take your mouth to the limit but fade after about 5-10 minutes rather than the 10-20 minutes of an orange hab, fatalii etc.

I then added more white habs as I got used to it. I'm up to 4-5 cumaris and 3-4 white habs on a good night before my mouth feels raw and I stop.

They do not hurt on the other end any more, and never did that much.

I have to take a day off every once in a while to let my tongue heal.

I do this with a glass of flavored milk (I like maple syrup, the sweetness helps qwench the heat). This is my after-dinner dessert while sitting at the computer/TV every night. I take a sip of milk when the heat gets a little too intense.

The resultant endorphins might affect your sleep so you might want to do this earlier in the day, but a full stomach helps prevent gut pain.

The cumaris and white habs are small, productive plants and the whole peppers freeze well so I'm set for training over the winter. They would probably grow OK as house plants.

What is the result of this? Now, rather than knives of pain that take away from the flavor of foods, foods with alot of heat produce a full, warm sensation in my mouth and the flavors come through. My favorite for breakfast is hot chocolate made by boiling a half of a dried habanero
level pepper in a mug of water [microwave] then adding dried milk and Hershey's syrup. If you try it with regular milk the milk fat absorbes some of the heat, and is difficult to heat the milk up enough to pull the heat out of the pepper.

Good luck

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alex818(z9 CA)

Hmm interesting.. Im going to start off with some fresh jalapenos this week. Im sure it wont be a problem and I can get to habs pretty quick. Thanks for the advice.


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I always joke with my wife that I need to get a freezer installed in the bathroom. That way, I can keep some ice cream right next to the toilet. My uncle always used to tell me to eat ice cream after anything spicy. When the going gets rough you can always cheer "C'mon Ice Cream!" I find that using TP with lotion in it can help a little bit.

I don't buy into the whole "training schedule" thing. I like to be overwhelmed by the burn while eating peppers. That's the point for me. Sometimes it takes a funeral to make you feel alive.

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

I don't understand why you want to eat super hot peppers raw? Raw
tongue and hurting when you go to the bathroom. That doesn't seem
worth it to me. My hot peppers will go into receipes, where it will still
be hot, but not aganizing.

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spiced_ham(z5 OH)

Roper 20008, ...Because they are there. The same reason people climb mountains, jump out of perfectly good airplanes, swim the length of the pool underwater on one breath, crawl the last mile to the finish line in a marathon, and eat "Red Hots" cinnamon candies.

If I didn't do something to increase my tolerance I would end up throwing out most of the peppers I grew this year, and a single bottle of Tabasco would last me until 2015. I put a lot of time and effort into growing those peppers and By God I'm going to eat them.

Even with training you can still get overwhelmed [check out the YouTube HippySeedCompany guy testing different peppers and tell me he isn't in pain], but this way I can enjoy spicy ethnic foods without having to shove ice in my mouth. I don't cook with peppers because other people have to eat the stuff, so this is the quickest easiest way I can keep my tolerance above that of a 5 year old child.

I haven't had anything hurt on the other end since I started practicing. Before that I knew the next day when I had put crushed pepper on top of my spagetti or pizza.

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spiced ham,
You made my day with your qote.
I agree that,
Mountains are there to climb,
Deep seas are there to fathom the depths
Hot peppers to conquer the heat

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river22(Z6 OK)

* Posted by smokemaster_2007 (My Page) on
Sun, Oct 11, 09 at 7:53

Chile heads in training can put the Toilet paper in the freezer and also put their underwear next to it.

Eventualy you'll develope calluses. : )

Still LMAO! :-o

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kvenkat(5a Colo)

My husband grew up on spicy Indian food and has been eating raw chili peppers his whole life. He normally does not suffer for it unless he overindulges or eats them on an empty stomach. The occasionally painful results won't stop him from having too many, he continues to do it. Must be some addictive quality. I have raised my own heat tolerance but I am no where near his...

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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

Oh Boy. You guys are something else! I have some pretty hot pepper
seeds for next year. I'm going to find a way to use them. What I don't
pickle or freeze, I'll give away to co-workers. Well you guys are truly
Hot Pepper Heads!

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Even if you don't like them,Bhut Jolokias are allways good for entertainment purposes.
Just wait for that loud mouthed person to say they never found a pepper too hot to eat...Give them one and watch them cry.

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is this for real...

alex818 between your post and smokemaster's comments i've managed to redecorate one of my favorite shirts while attempting to protect my comp. oh my "G"...

here's the thing. it's impossible to compete with someone who's had hot peppers added to their breast milk. with that being said, it's all about proportion. why not try cooking with peppers. add one de-seeded mild to moderate peppers to a meat dish to start. if however you find yourself choking on pepper fumes while de-seeding add 1/2 to start. it's easiest to develop an appreciation for a variety of hot peppers with variable heat intensities when properly introduced. afterall, if you can't enjoy the flavor of the pepper then it's "too hot" meaning "too much" pepper(again proportions).

who's Dave. i once had a neighbor named Dave who declared that hot peppers aren't "for little girls". the poor thing turned purple (unlike the usual red) biting into a raw habanero with eyes fixated on my bhut. LOL. can't say his sauce was of any interest though, LOL (again, too easy). my point is; what does Alex's insanity sauce taste like.

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sandpebbles, "is this for real"

I've been trying not to extend this post since it started BUT, I couldn't help myself.

The only advice I'll contribute is from the FDA...

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alex818(z9 CA)

HAHAHA Im loving this thread.. so I went ahead and got some orange habaneros from whole foods. I had just 1 whole pepper (minus the seeds) with my dinner the other night and I loved it. Its so much better to eat an actual raw pepper with food rahter than using super hot sauces. The hot sauces kill the flavor of the food but the raw pepper actually complimented it well. Felt fine the next day too. Just for kicks I called my wife over, then kissed her and her lips started burning.

Im going to try roasting some habaneros and make a citrus and garlic glaze (either with orange juice or tangerine juice) and coat it over some battered chicken. MMM Spicy Orange Chicken!

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LOL...o.k. you guys got me in tears. stop it...

Alex you sound all grown up...and overnight! sniff/sniff.
but seriously, spicy orange sounds killer! glad to
hear it worked out. LOL. now you've got to do the
same for your wife. a "drop" of balsamic vinegar. hot
and sweet. trust me on this one. spells inclusive.

Ottawapepper are just wrong......
oh no, not another one of those seizures.
30 min to write this post. why oh why didn't
i take the blue pill...

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Blue Pill?
Who the heck takes/needs Viagra just to read a pepper forum?

I'm really into hot peppers but never thaught of anyone wishing they took a viagra in order to deal with a pepper forum....

Whatever makes your boat float.

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you wrote,

"here's the thing. it's impossible to compete with someone who's had hot peppers added to their breast milk."


This is a fact that I was born right in a wholesale chili peppers market (hot variety) in the city of Madras India.
All around my house where I was born, there are over hundred big warehouses (godowns) and shops selling only dried chili peppers.

And be prepared for this, "I was born right when the seasonal stocks were arriving for storage in January.


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A few ice cubes in the freezer might come in handy also.
I love peppers and hot spicey food but my body is unable to digest the pepper so I get to experience the burn twice.

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alex818(z9 CA)


I didnt know that it wasn't "grown-up like" to ask a question about how to handle eating mega hot peppers. Im sure the painful burn upon exit is a valid concern for most adults who love to eat these fiery hot chili peppers and figured I'd get some mature responses which I did for the most part :)

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spiced_ham(z5 OH)

Send $10 and I will provide a recipe for home made hypothermic cristaline dihydrooxygen suppositories guaranteed to sooth your nether regions.

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smokemaster the blue pill as in "the matrix". i was
thinking of a previous post by ottawapeppper
and his first tasting of a bhut jolokia while
responding to his present post. it was
pretty funny. not sure about viagara.

alex818 my apologies if offended, never my
intention. my reference to your growing up
was related to your overnight adjustment to
eating a raw pepper. sorta of like finding
your niche and not dave's. also, i tend to
keep sour cream on hand. a dollop can go a
long way with hot/spicey foods.

NJA not sure if you were offended as well. but if
that's the case, you have my apologies.
my unusually high heat tolerence goes
beyond the standard capsicum enriched
breast milk i recieved as a child. with
that being said, can't say i'm brave
enough to bite into a bhut or 7 pot for
that matter. i prefer to cook with them.

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Offended? Me?
Heck No man....I was referring to reason for my high heat tolerence because of the atmosphere at my birth has a high PPM/PPB/PP whatever in air and my mom was on a Hot pepper+Bread diet. Nothing would stay in her tummy besoides me and some Sannams in greenest form consumed along with un refined sea salt.

Keep the nuggests coming man. Love your's and ottawa otter's posts...LOLOLOL


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please read as "the atmosphere at my birth had a high PPM/PPB/PP whatever of pure capsaicin in air" Period

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alex818(z9 CA)


Oops, my mistake.. I misunderstood your comment! lol (doh!)

Was not offended at all :)

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smokemaster is incorrigible. DonÂt poke him youÂll be sorry!!!


nagajolokia and alex818 may not have found your posts offence BUT I Sir was entirely put off by your cavalier attitude towards peoples emotions. Have you no sensibilities man! If you persist with your stepping on the fragile emotions of fellow members, I will have no choice Sir, NO CHOICE but to report you to the moderator forthwith. You will be banished to the Turnip and Rutabaga Forum.

Bill (emotionally sensitive but still in control of his balder)

p.s. Sorry, I was board.

Now go we in content (look it up LOL)

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Naaa,just listened to too much Dr. Demento in my younger days.
Just a little warped.
That and 12 yrs. of catholic school.

Cheech Marin lived/grew up a few houses down the street and went to the same schools as I did too.(I think Sister Mary Elephant was really Sister Pancracious at St. John the Baptist De La Salle.Didn't have that many nuns at Alemany.)

He was in another class though but back then all the kids in the kneighborhood hung out together.
Does that give you a hint? : )

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lol...good to hear. i'd forgotten about your sunnams post. nice looking peppers. :)

no a brave post for i'm sure interested, unseen eyes by a braver soul than moi. again my apologies :)

The Turnip and Rutabaga Forum with complimentary cliff notes... lol. too much.

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