I think this is Oklahoma (JohnReb?)

rosetom(7 Atl)June 21, 2005

What say you?

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johnreb_va7(z7 VA)

I cannot say for *100%-certain" if it's Oklahoma from viewing those photos, excellent though they are.

I think the decision comes down to what the rose's BARELY-OPENED buds look like. The key characteristic I'm talking about here is the black/almost-black which is seen on the edges of (for example) Red Masterpiece's barely-opened buds.

In *my* yard's soil and climate:
My two Oklahoma bushes' barely-opened buds SOMETIMES show black/almost-black edges. My two Mirandy bushes' barely-opened buds have NEVER showed black edges. They have very-deep purplish-red edges, but not the black/almost-black of Red Masterpiece's barely-opened buds.

Please pardom what may seem to be over-use of all-capitalized spelling above. Strong emphasis was needed for certain words in the description.


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rosetom(7 Atl)

No pardon needed. I was actually surprised at the red of the buds in the bottom picture It's probably a factor of the first flush from the long, cool Spring. Rest assured, the closed/partly-cracked/partly-opened/sepals starting-to-turn-down color of the buds is normally black, black, black.

Got another one for you - check a new post.

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Sophie Wheeler

It kinda has that Toro (Uncle Joe) look to it too. But, Toro's blooms are larger than Oklahoma's, and Oklahoma has a stronger scent.

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