Uncommon Rose's Common Moss - NOT!

long_island_rose(Eastern LI z6)June 13, 2005

This mislabeling of roses problem is so disappointing. I waited a year for my Common Moss (Old Pink Moss) from Uncommon Rose to bloom, and all I got was this little lackluster single with little fragrance. Anyone want to guess which moss it might be? Just curious - I won't be keeping it. Thanks so much. - LIR

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That does look like a moss and curiously it does resemble the botanical drawing on helpmefind for Common Moss which does not look like the photos others have planted. I would give it another year.

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long_island_rose(Eastern LI z6)

Thank, LaBrea! It's a moss, but not the one I ordered (or thought I was ordering). Or do you think it could bloom first as a single (four little petals) without much fragrance for some freaky reason and still be the right moss rose? If I wait a year and it blooms fully double and fragrant next year, then it'll be renamed 'Jekyll and Hyde'! The vendor's description says: "The blooms are a soft silvery pink color, fully double in the Cabbage Rose form, and powerfully fragrant."


Here is a link that might be useful: Old Pink Moss description

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From what I understand, single moss roses are rare. Helpmefind.com only has two listed - Goethe, which is mauve, and Rivers' Single Crimson. So your rose really is "Uncommon!"

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long_island_rose(Eastern LI z6)

Cecilia, thank you for that information. But now I'm really confused! Tomorrow I'll try to get some better photos of the moss-covered buds to better document this mystery rose. So far I haven't been able to contact the vendor; hoping they they can shed some light on all of this.


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long_island_rose(Eastern LI z6)

I've received confirmation from the vendor that this rose is a mislabeled ''Single Pink Moss'' and not Common Moss (Old Pink Moss). Thanks for your help, everyone. - LIR

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