Poss Dr. W. Van Fleet

chele_s(z7 noVa)June 16, 2005


This rose is about 12-15 feet high and blooms late May/Early June. We have no idea how old it is, although the house was built in 1936 and occupied by the previous gardener from then until the mid-90's. It is very disease resistant. Buds are almost a deep pink before they start to open and then fade. The flowers end up a pale pinkish white. It starts blooming in late May and is fading now (June 16). We have our suspicions, but we don't want to taint the jury.



Image link:

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It definitely looks like the good Doctor to me! Hard to tell its habit from the tiny insert photo, but is it trained on a fence, or is it freestanding? My SIL has a freestanding Dr. Van Fleet in her yard that I didn't recognize initially because I'd never seen one that wasn't trained as a climber. It makes a lovely weeping fountain of blooms every spring when left on its own.

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chele_s(z7 noVa)

Thanks for the info. It's actually two plants on either side of an arbor. The link below has a full size image of them blooming on June 6th. We built the arbor about six years ago and they met at the top and have been creeping skyward ever since.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Definitely looks like Dr. W. Van Fleet from the picture. Yours looks very happy!

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Yes I have a New Dawn that puts out a second bloom.IF you Ded Head the first bloom, I have also put a ot of pollen on New Dawn becauce of Its vigor and lovely foliage. The last success was a cross of Wenlock x New Dawn . The Flowers are slightly Larger and have a good twenty petails on them.

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