rvr mystery rose id (and some bonus pics)

Lothlin(5b)July 19, 2012

This pink guy is the Mystery Rose I got with my last RVR band a while ago. Its popping out some rebloom so I figured I'd throw some info your guys' way to see if anyone has any ideas. Its a pink rose, so I know its a longshot, but who knows, someone may have an idea!

The flower is small, but I'm going to guess that its because of the age of the plant. No fragrance, as far as I can tell, but its been very hot here so may have just evaporated. A few of the flowers that bloomed today seemed to have paler stripes down the middle of the petal, but I didn't snap a pic of that - I can grab one tomorrow, if necessary. New growth on the plant seems to be green, not red.

And as for the bonus roses... a couple of the other bands are blooming.

Augustine Guinouisseau - I'm not really a white rose fan but this one just has such a subtle color fade that its just so charming.

Jeri Jennings... not the best picture but such a robust little thing. I can't wait for 'em to get big enough to put in the ground! (Also, when there's not a drought going on)

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seil zone 6b MI

I would email the pic to RVR and see what they think. They'll know what roses they have in stock which will narrow down the search.

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