Please help i.d. these beauties...

fizgig777(7)July 29, 2006

Appreciate the help with these!

1: Slight fragrance

2: Very fragrant

3: Slight fragrance

4: Note textured edges of flowers -- natural not pest eaten. Not fragrant.

5: Purchased as Stars & Stripes. Based on other photos, not so sure it was labled properly. Very fragrant.

Thanks again!

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Fizgig, you have to provide more information. Do they all repeat bloomers? Where did you get them and when? What are the bush sizes? What about growth habbit and thorns, etc.

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They're all repeat bloomer. All have thorns. No climbers. They vary in age from 3-4 years. Not big since they get cut back often due to constant disease issues or [in the case of the last one, to keep it from getting too big]. They all grow just like any other rose, I guess. I don't know what you mean by that, honestly. All roses grow from branches or root, I thought.

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Fizgig, where did they come from? Local garden center or mail order? This can help somehow to narrow down the possibilities. Garden centers mostly (not all) have the standard selection of roses, nothing too fancy.
By growth habbit I meant are they upright bushes or arching?
Are the leaves glossy or not. What is the color of thorns?
What kind of fragrance? Not just yes or no, but is it classic rose, myrrh, fruity, etc.
There are many roses that have very similar flowers, especially if we are talking about roses like on your second photo. You probably can find several thousand roses that can you give you this image. So it is really important to show how the leaves, thorns, buds, brunces, etc look.

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jerseywendy(z6 NJ)

Could #3 possibly be "Glamis Castle"?

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OK.... Scent: all have traditional rose scent.

Purchase: #1 was bought in CT at a garden center. The rest were bought locally. None are from online orders.

Thorns: #1, 3, 4 have tan/brownish thorns spaced widely apart on the stems, curling downward; also on the backs of the leaves. #2 has tiny green thorns in abundance giving the stem a 'fuzzy' appearance; also has thorns on the back of leaves. #5 Has green thorns spaced widely apart on the stem, straight thorns; backs of leaves are thorny.

Leaves: #1 is the only one with shiny leaves and dark ones at that. The rest have reg. green leaves.

All are bushes, upright.

I think that's everything requested. Sorry for the delay, but it's been really hot here [120 yesterday] and no one in their right mind would be out there more than necessary ;)

Thanks again!

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Just guessing here...
#1 Tequila Sunrise ?
#2 Belinda's Dream ?

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I second jerseywendy: I also think #3 is Glamis Castle.

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glamis castle for #3 - my first thought.

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the first rose looks like Charisma to me.

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