Unknown fragrant pink rose

lise_bJuly 6, 2005

BLOOMS are light to medium pink, quite fragrant, with around 40 petals. They grow in clusters.

THORNS are copious and thin, and there are larger, easily broken thorns among them.

PLANT is about 2' tall and 3' to 4'. Canes are about 2.5' long and spreading, not upright.

GROWING in full sun, but has been neglected the past few years. Some mild yellowing of some leaves, and thrips like the buds, but otherwise healthy.

Any information (even what kind it is-- a floribunda?) would be appreciated. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures (click on the little ones to see them bigger)

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Oh, I should add, the pictures are pinker than it really is.

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Is it a once-bloomer or does it repeat? And do you know anything about the history of the rose - who planted it and how long it's been there?

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Cecilia-- Don't know about repeating, since I just moved in last August (and it wasn't blooming then, but swallow-wort was rampaging all over it, so it might not have gotten enough sun). I don't know anything else about it, except that once upon a time (probably at least five years ago) someone took great pains to plant and mulch these roses. Next to it is a Jackson & Perkins Grand Masterpiece, which according to helpmefind.com has been available since 1978.

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May I suggest 'Dearest' as a place to start?

Here are some links to copy and paste-the link at the bottom will lead you directly to HelpMeFind.

http://countrygardenroses.com/index.htm?pages/intro.htm~mainFrame (leads to the main page-go to alphabetical listing and you'll find Dearest listed, then click it)


Here is a link that might be useful: Dearest at HMF

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Mine doesn't look like Dearest when it's opening-- it looks sort of balled up, if that makes any sense. I tried looking for J&P light pink floribundas just in case it came with the red J&P next to it, but none of them look quite right...

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