ok, let's try this again...can anyone help me id this for sure?

rozaholik(Z7 LongIslandNY)July 7, 2005

Yo ya'll,

I bought 2 of these 2 years ago at Big Orange with tags "Pink striped mini" and I just stumbled on the HMF with the name Christopher Columbus aka Candy Cover aka Nashville...is this Christopher Columbus aka Candy Cover aka Nashville?

The one I planted in the ground survived, the one I planted in a pot died, but I've cloned another from a branch I accidentally cut off so I have 2 again. The leaves look an awful lot like the ones in the HMF pics too. Pardon the chewed petals...I don't spray.

Here's 3 pics, one of 2 blooms (there's about 10 - 12 petals each so I guess it's semi-double), a pic of the foliage, and another of a cluster of buds and blooms. There's a very light fragrance to my nose, and it's currently about 2 - 4 feet tall with thin, sprawling canes (flopping over if I don't tie them to a stake).

Thanks in advance for any help...



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No idea; isn't that frustrating?! I have the same problem. I wonder if minis are especially hard to ID...


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Stars and Stripes?

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Try taking samples to a local nursery. Or, maybe there is a public collection within reasonable driving distance - reasonable probably defined by how badly you want to know - that actually has the same variety, with a name.

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