Rogue cops?

silversword(9A)June 14, 2013

SAN DIEGO - "A police mistake turned a lunch date into a nightmare for a local couple, and a judge ruled officers illegally detained them.

"I was hurt. I was confused. I didn't know what was going on," said Dante Harrell.

For Harrell, that March day in 2010 began as a day of relaxation. He, his fiancee Shannon Robinson and a friend were headed to brunch in City Heights.

After they pulled into the restaurant, a San Diego police patrol car, right behind them, parked and blocked a potential exit.

Harrell said one of the officers approached them, admitted to typing in the wrong letter during a routine license plate check, but wanted to check them out anyway.

Harrell said after repeated questioning and about 15 minutes of waiting, he asked Robinson to call 911 to ask for a supervisor because something didn't feel right.

He said he heard one officer says this: "He says, 'They're on the phone with our supervisor. Isn't that childish? I'm about to OC them."

"OC" is another word for pepper spray.

Harrell said he held on to his fiancee as he was pepper sprayed and then tasered repeatedly, before he and Robinson were dragged out of the car.

In a civil ruling, a judge decided the couple was illegally detained and Robinson was unlawfully arrested.

Attorney Julia Yoo, who represents Harrell and Robinson, said, "They didn't have a right to continue that stop. Once you realize you've made a mistake and pulled over innocent people, you don't have a right to further interrogate them. It's unconstitutional. This needs to be stopped, because it could happen to anybody."

Harrell, a barber, said he suffers from weakness in his hands from the incident. He also said stress related to the incident led to a break-up with Robinson.

"I just want to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. Our neighborhoods need to feel safe with their officers. We just came to eat that day, and the people we expected to protect us are hurting us," said Harrell.

In September, a jury will decide whether the police officers used excessive force.

The San Diego City Attorney's Office declined comment.

The two officers involved, Officers Ariel Savage and Daniel McLain, remain on the force and both have served for eight years. One is accused of false arrest in another civil lawsuit."

Here is a link that might be useful: Judge says police illegally detained them... y'think?!

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The overreach of power. The ignorant idea that the holding of a badge and gun give one complete authority to abuse the power bestowed. Unfortunately, this is all too common.

To protect and serve... where has that idea gone?

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After all the SD cop corruption if I get pulled over, unless it's a very public area, I'm not stopping until I get to the station.

Beyond Suspicion

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I wouldn't pull over in various situations, myself, until I reached a public, well lit, populated area... especially at night or if I were driving alone.

It's very sad to think that we can't trust law enforcement to wield authority within certain boundaries of the law. We are slowly turning into the police state we frequently talk about. I don't think it accurate to use the term "rogue", when such abuses of power are so common.

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You both might want to reconsider "not stopping" ... here in the city by the lake two people in a car did not stop and half the cops on duty that night joined the "chase" ... a police chase that ended with 13 officers firing 137 shots into their car, no weapon was found in the car or along the chase route.

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For the love of all that is holy Ohio... that is just too bizarre. Who would believe such a thing??? I had to search out the story and was astounded at the lack of judgement.

I think the difference is that I wouldn't likely be high on crack/coke and/or drunk. Also, not having any prior arrests like theirs I think I'd be ok calling 911 and letting them know my vehicle, location and intent to drive into the station way before 100's of officers got involved.

But I see your point.

I know there are "good" cops. Do you think it's a bit of a mob mentality that makes this happen, or fear like in the recent shots fired over Dorner in LA?

Here is a link that might be useful: 137 shots...

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One can hopefully avoid that sort of violent confrontation by dialing 911 from a cell phone inside the car, letting the operator know who and where you are, that you're being tailed by a police car, and would they please inform the officer that you will not be stopping until you feel safe... as in under lights in a bright parking lot, preferably with plenty of witnesses handy.

Even most police will tell you, especially women traveling alone, especially at night, that it is acceptable to lead the police car to an area where you feel safe... because some police are not really police, but are criminals in disguise. And yes, police impersonation does happen, and is most often used to kidnap or rape.

Don't panic, drive by the rules of the road, and take the first exit with a fuel stop, food stop, or other brightly lit parking lot. The officer will understand.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

The main reason not to pull over until in a well-lit public area with other people looking on is the "cop" might turn out to be Mitt Romney.

Wouldn't that be awful!

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"Wouldn't that be awful!"

Well, it would be "awfully" wierd. But so is your comment...

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sleeplessinftwayne(z4-5 IND)

Several years ago I was surprised to have a police car behind me sound its siren. I pulled over, killed the engine, opened the window and flipped the visor to have the registration before the cop got there. I didn't have time to dump the purse for my license. The cop stopped at the rear and looked at the plate and continued to the window. He looked kind of funny. I said something about getting the license and he turned red, coughed and said it wasn't necessary. He had the wrong car. Mine was just like it. He said he was sorry and wished me a good day.

I'm sure glad I wasn't stopped by one from this story.

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Weird? I thought it was funny! And actually apropos to this thread and the direction it has taken. There has been a history of people pretending to be authentic police officers and then kidnapping, perhaps raping, then murdering their prey.

After all, Mitt DID love dressing up as a patrol officer, cruising the streets and admitted to actually stopping cars a few times.

THAT was very, very weird.

I'm surprised you have forgotten that, it was brought up often enough here in hot topics during the primaries and election year. There were several things about Mitt that he admitted to or weirdly forgot that were, at the very least, negatively notable.
He did, however, have a completely authentic birth certificate, one which was never ever questioned.

Mitt and his penchant to play "policeman" is perfect example of why people should not necessarily roll down a window nor unlock their car doors when an officer approaches the car.
Having 911 open on the cell phone and telling the officer that your phone will remain open until everyone is on the road again is another good idea, after asking for the officer's name and repeating it along with the present location so that the 911 people have recorded the information.

A police officer friend and neighbor gave me that tip a few years ago. If a woman is frightened she can hold up her driver's license for inspection at the closed window, she does not have to hand it to him or roll the window down. She CAN be instructed to drive to the police station to handle any questions there and must comply, but I was told that this would actually be a safe alternative to rolling down the window, if I had any "funny feeling" about the situation, and that any officer worth his salt would approve of all the actions.

I loved his living in our neighborhood - felt even more safe than I already do with him living in our neighborhood and was very sorry when his wife got an outstanding promotion she couldn't refuse, causing the family to move out of state.

A good police officer is worth his or her weight in gold to the community they serve.

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I do believe it's a felony offense to impersonate an officer of the law, for one thing... a misdemeanor, for certain. Extremely creepy that Romney would even admit to such a thing, and too creepy to think about. Makes my skin crawl.

As a child, it was more or less understood that police officers were the helpful, friendly, serve and protect sort of people in uniform one would turn to for help if lost or in other dire circumstances. Today, not such a great idea as the position has been compromised by those who do not take their oath or responsibility seriously, or do not have the "personality" or demeanor for the job. Today, I would not trust the same ideal from my childhood.

A good friend of ours spent a lot of time on a large police force, and was more or less forced into early retirement because he would not accept the same bribes or do the same criminal things as his peers. He still works in the same general field, but from a more private position. With good reason, he is very un-trusting of those he used to work with, and their often corrupt motives and methods.

I tend to be critical and skeptical, myself... and in today's world, I'd never place trust in the fact that a uniform and an oath taken equal someone that's trustworthy and not corrupt.

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This is one of 2 incidents in the last week here. There are several cell phone videos that challenge some of the police assertions.
One person asking for a policeman name & badge number is cursed out by that officer.
Friends of the man being pummeled are heard refuting the urinating charge and are heard claiming the police pulled their friend off the sidewalk that they were walking on.

In the other incident police were called to a noisy houseparty complaint & are seen on the building security camera disabling that camera. (oh thats not a good sign)

Here is a link that might be useful: takes a beating

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In light of the fact that probable cause is hardly needed, cell phones can be taken without consent, and a slight label change to a crime can leave one without any rights... there aren't many good signs that justice will prevail.

Apparently, the goal is to fill every private prison with those somehow undeserving of any equal opportunity, in exchange for large dollars, and to silence any kind of dissent among the ranks of citizens during what I would call a time of national theft.

There was a time when entrapment was illegal and highly frowned upon, but now it makes for 'good reality television', I guess. I caught a segment of "Bait Car" last night... talk about a setup... leave a nice car sitting in a poor neighborhood, unlocked, keys in the ignition, during depressed economic times, and watch the drama unfold. Heck, if we can't catch any real criminals with violent intent, we'll just force a crime to happen. What a country... only in America.

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