Hot Lemon Pepper

bob_in_pc(z8 FL)October 27, 2006

Is anyone familiar with the Hot Lemon pepper. I grew two this season from plants I bought from Burpee. It appears to be either the same pepper, or very similar, to the lemon drop pepper. Burpee description is that it is an heirloom variety from Ecuador.

Anyway, it is a fantastic pepper. Not quite as hot as the Caribbean Red, but still up there on the Scoville scale. Great taste and makes a very fine smoked powder.

I grew one in a pot and one in my garden. The one in the ground grew very large and was probably as prolific a plant as I have ever grown [up there with Tabasco].

It looks like a Baccatum.

Anyway, it's on my short list with Caribbean Reds, Datils, and Jalepenos.

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grown them for years. real similar as lemon drop got my first seeds from Pepper Joes 12years ago been growing them every year good all around pepper.called hot lemon cause smell some what lemony when you cut it but has great taste too

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ardnek710(z6 stlouis)

I remember seeing those in Burpees catalog. I think they are the same. Atleast they are so close its hard to tell. Both yellow and pendant with the lemon flavor present.

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country_newbie(SE MI)

I grew three of these last year that I got from Burpees. They were very prolific for me as well. The only problem was that only about 5% of the hundreds of peppers ripened to yellow before a hard frost killed them all. Was a favorite that year and I will be growing them next year, hoping for a few more days of warm fall weather. As for this year, I lost all my lemons due to bad parenting(overwatering).

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country newbie
if you pick them all be for the frost they will ripen 80% then dry good powder with hab mix

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shelbyguy(z5 IL)

love them dried and powdered.

and it is indeed a capsicum baccatum. will grow into a giant pepper tree if you let it :)

also known as aji limon.

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Can anyone post a photo of the Hot lemon pepper (aji limon)? I grew what I think is the same thing this year, but am a little unsure. Would like to compare.

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Picture of Aji Limon...

Picture of Aji Lemon Drop...

The Aji Lemon Drop has a less smooth skin, more ribbed and bumpy. It's one of my favorites. This week it was moved into the garage under shop lights by a window, hopefully I will be making powder from it next year. Besides Serrano it was the most productive.

The Chile Woman says they are different plants... but dropping the "Aji" off Lemon Drop.

This site lists Aji Limon and Aji Lemon Drop as the same plant??? I believe they are not.


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Thanks for the info Rick. My pepper doesn't look like any of the photos on the sites you reference. Below is a link to photos of mine. I thought it was rather strange the the pointed pepper that set on first looked nothing like those in the 2nd photo. They were very good tasting, but extremely hot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Strange Pepper

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the pictures you are showing looks more like a lemon hab. but they are not as large as yours but real look a like.

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bob_in_pc(z8 FL)

Here's a link to the Burpee picture and description of the Hot Lemon.

It has been an unbelievably productive plant. I STILL have probably about 50-75 pods to pick today. After harvesting those, I will probably cut it way back (because it's huge) and pot to overwinter.

A very nice pepper for those who want to grow something a little different and that enjoy great flavor with a somewhat lesser than habanero level heat.

Again, it makes a very nice smoked powder that forms the base of some of my dry BBQ rubs. Or that can be sprinkled on pizza. Or that perks up spaghetti sauce. Etc., etc., etc.

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This year I grew Lemon Drops and Yellow Russian, which are both C. baccatums and look really alike the picture of Hot Lemons. I have dehydrated most of them and grinded to powder to be used as seasoning for fish. I do also like use the fresh ones to spice up shrimp.

Last week I made a patch of hot pepper jelly by using a blender full of ripe seeded Lemon Drops and Yellow Russians and also a handful of Aji Oranges. I substituted half of the vinegar in the recipe with fresh lemon juice. I used blender to get all the peppers to as fine as I could get by blending them with the liquids and a cup of the sugar. The jelly set perfectly and has a really nice yellow color. This became the hottest pepper jelly I have made so far. It is hotter than my habanero jelly, made from seasoning peppers and chocolate habaneros. The heat in the lemon pepper jelly is sharp and intense compared to the warming heat of habaneros, which seems to be quite much subdued by sugar in the jelly.

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