Yellow to orange to salmon to dark red

bebble(z8 E.TX)July 29, 2005

Ok, I put all the info on the following page; however, it is a rose my sister liked while we were in Tyler (it was in front of Sexton Roses when we drove by)...and yes, I had forgotten all I had heard about them temporarily.

I put four different pictures of it on the page going from bud to spent bloom. I can't say enough that while the colors are a little different - it isn't by much - just make all the colors a little more intense (it really will hurt your eyes if the sun hits the orange yellows - and the salmon are soft and suede looking - the red looks just like velvet.

My appologies in advance for lacking pictures of thorns, knowing the exact scent (not good at those yet), new growth (should be a form of red - all of mine are except for Nac. Noisette, so I would have noticed).

I think that's about it - I check my mail daily (and often more than that) so if I can add ANYTHING - including additional pics ... just let me know as I'll be glad to run out and check.


Here is a link that might be useful: bloom stages

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Reminds me of Charisma, which is a floribunda, or Pinata, which is a climber. I have Pinata myself, and those pictures of your rose seem look more like the photos of Charisma on HMF. Check out this link.

Hope this helps-just a guess off the top of my head.


Here is a link that might be useful: Charisma

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johnreb_va7(z7 VA)

Bebble, I'll "second" Roseluvr's guess that it is Charisma. I'm quite familiar with that rose, because I have a Charisma bush in my yard. I bought it 6 years ago.

Here are some things you might want to know:
Charisma rosebushes "mature" quite slowly - for several years you will think you've got a Miniature bush.
Charisma's small flower-size (2 to 2&1/2" at maximum) will add to that impression.
Charisma is a "sunblusher" (Phototropic) rose - which is why the HMF photos vary so much, colorwise. The more solar-ultraviolet its blooms receive, the redder they get. A period of several *consecutive* heavy-cloudy days will cause Charisma to be mostly orange-&-yellow.

If you followed Roseluvr's link to the HMF photos of Charisma, be sure to click on "Main" at the top of the Photos page, for HMF's description-info on Charisma. See especially the note/comment at the bottom of the Description-info page.

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davila42(z6 MO)

JohnReb, I'll third the id as Charisma, and second your 'slow grower' comment. Mine is four years old. I moved it two years ago into an optimal location (full sun, no competition, great soil) and it's still only two feet tall. Lovely, consistent bloom. Good disease resistance.

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bebble(z8 E.TX)

Thanks for trying to ID it but Charisma was one of the first ones I bought and that is NOT Charisma, lol.

Here ya go...
Charisma is the short one (naturally)-just took about 2 doz spent blooms off of it.

Charisma is the darker smaller one - they last a looonngg time and the other will be gone in about three days tops

The big leaves are lighter and "bluer" and not shiney - Charisma is the small, dark, shiny ones.

Also my Charisma has no scent - the other does - and blooms in sets of three - the other in fours. (although it might change when it gets older I guess)

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bebble(z8 E.TX)

Ok, Pinata - THAT looks like the one I was looking for all right!!!

Any info on that one from anyone would be great!


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Here are some pictures to help with your id-these are photos of my Pinata, from bud to mature bloom:

Pinata is a climber, but a smaller one-to 6' or so from what I've read. My Pinata was very small when purchased but has grown about 1 foot in a month and a half-pretty good since it is reportedly a slow grower. Hope these pictures help.

By the way-Pinata blooms do turn fast-you have to really be on top of it to take pictures of all the different faces, as I like to call them. The blooms themselves are pretty longlasting once they've turned red. I let the last bloom stay on the bush for several days until I decided it wasn't going anywhere, so I yanked it off. It was still pretty even then-a nice red with interesting tan lines. Personally, I enjoy Pinata-but I like 'chameleon' roses.

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bebble(z8 E.TX)

Yes, I do agree about roses that change constantly...

I think the only reason mine has such a red tendance is the heat and sun here right now - 1/2 of all my rose petals actually look like someone burned them w/ a lighter - turns black and ashen grey...uhg.

It's in the shade right now though.

Thanks for the help there - this has to be it...will make sure tomorrow...I got to get to bed.


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bebble(z8 E.TX)

Well, I think I can confidently close the books on this one now...I went back to the link someone else on the web gave to me showing a supply list for Sexton, Inc. and there sat Pinata on it. I'm going to assume that it lost its tag and was a left over or something so they gave it the boot.

It matches w/ all the ID specs I can find on it - right down to the apple scent. (I know I said I'm not good at scents, but if there is one I'm compairing it too...well, that I can do :) .)

Thanks again Bren - glad you happened by here!

Oh, and I forgot to water it last night and the heads drooped a little more than usual... now they look like the colors in the pics, lol.


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