What happened to my rose bush?

ls_tilegirlAugust 17, 2013

Help! I left a month ago with healthy roses both in ground and in containers with an able housesitter to care for them.

I came back to all but one healthy and thriving. Can anyone tell me what's happened to it's leaves? I'm pretty sure it's not black spot but I can't find pics anywhere that look just like what's happening to the leaves. Also there's only one scraggly bud on what used to be a flourishing bush.

Pics I've uploaded are closeups of the leaves of the blighted bush located on the north side of the house (plenty of sun) and the same (thriving) rose in another container on the south side of the house. Both have been planted and treated in the same manner, have been in their containers for two years and have been my most consistent performers, providing lots and lots of blooms.

Note it has been the rainiest summer on record in NC and continues to rain almost daily! Temps are also way below normal 65 today (Aug 17)!!!!

I'd appreciate insight and suggestions for treatment.

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strawchicago 5a IL

Hi ls_tilegirl: I would check the drainage, if the pots' bottom are flat, sitting against mud can block the drainage. When we had lots of rain in the spring, I put wooden planks (or thick sticks), and put pots above them, so the holes don't get blocked.

Also the pot which I put a brown paper bag inside, before I filled with dirt ... that had poor drainage. A paper towel at the bottom, then fill the pot with dirt was OK, water can go through paper towel better than brown grocery bag.

The pictures look like severe water-logging problem. Last year I asked my husband to drill extra holes 1" above ON THE SIDE of the pot, that helped a lot.

The new pots have indentation, with the holes OFF the ground, those grow the healthiest roses. The old pots with flat-bottoms were the ones with leaves turned yellow, and some leaves like the pics. above.

Good luck and best wishes!

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Thanks, Strawberryhill! I'll try and repot with new soil and see if that helps. All my containers are propped up on 1/2" paver pieces to facilitate drainage but I think I'll take the suggestion and add more drainage holes.

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