Tough whoever she is

Debbie1776July 22, 2013

I'm sorry, I know you need a pic but the bloody grasshoppers moved in and there's not a unchewed blossom on her right now. I planted this rose at least four years ago. First year I thought the grasshoppers had killed her, so as she was out on a fence she was easy to forget and I just left "the carcass" there in disgust. Second year I was pretty shocked to see some leaves on her, started to water and then we got hit by the bad rain for months and over a month of 100+ degree days. That summer killed trees, it was so bad. This rose was a few brown sticks - got no water whatsoever until it started to rain and then only what fell from the sky. ... IT'S BLOOMING!!!!!! She's a very small bush, less than 18 inches tall and trying to spread a bit. The blooms are single, soft yellow that fades to cream, and standard-rose sized, clearly not a mini. Plenty of prickles but nothing to write home about. At this point I can't detect any fragrance. I know she's not a Sunny Knockout because we weren't getting them here til last year. Odds are she came from Lowes or Wal-Mart; it is possible but not likely that she came from Weston Gardens who carries an excellent selection of old roses and Austins. Anyone have any ideas who this tough-as-nails little lady may be?

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seil zone 6b MI

A pale yellow single standard size rose could be Golden Wings but there are others as well.

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