Gladioli and Iris bulbs on the front range- winter

damos(5)June 13, 2011


This may seem a little early to be asking this question, but do gladioli bulbs need to be dug up and stored during the winter around here or can they be left in the ground?

I was once told they need to be dug up, which we did last year, but I am looking for a second opinion in case it might not be necessary.

Also, iris bulbs - the dutch nonrhizome type that look like onions. Does any one know if I'll need to remove them from the ground in the fall?



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dsieber(z5 (Lakewood CO))

On the gladioli bulbs need to be dug up. Not sure non rhizome Iris.

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Skybird - z5, Denver, Colorado

Hi Damien,

If your Iris bulbs are actually Dutch Iris, they stay out in the ground year round like tulips or daffodils. That's the only one I know of that's a bulb rather than a rhizome, so if there are others, I don't know--but if they're spring blooming, my guess would be that they stay out. My Dutch Iris have foliage all summer, and don't die off completely like other "true" spring bulbs.

Dsieber is right that glad bulbs should be dug every year, but I had some right against the south side of a dark brick house one time that I never got around to digging up, and they came back just fine the next year, so it really depends on the winter and your particular micro-climate--but if you want to be sure to have them the next year, dig them up and store them.

Welcome to RMG,

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Thanks for the info!

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