Leaves like lace

Helen317(So. Ca, coastal)August 9, 2005

The leaves of my roses are eaten; the leaves look like lace. I don't know what is eating them. There is plenty of healthy new growth. There seem to be a lot of spiders, as there were clumps of dead leaves held together with spider webs. Anyone know what bug I'm dealing with?

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LizzieA(z9 CA Sunset 17)

Spider's don't eat leaves, they eat other bugs.

Skelatonizing (lace effect) of leaves is probably rose slug which looks like a tiny caterpiller and is really hard to see. Why don't you try something like Safer's insecticidal soap and see if it makes a difference.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rose pests

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Helen317(So. Ca, coastal)

Thank you, Lizzie A. I went out and looked at the leaves and found a tiny green caterpillar on the back of one of them. Thanks so much for the link.

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This sounds like the Bristly rose slug (sawfly larvae)

I caught some of these on my rose leaves the other night. (they skeletonize the leaves)
I picked off the leaf and burned them with the BBQ starter (evil laugh) because their fur prevented them from drowning...But I have since found out that they can't climb. So if you knock them off the leaves, they'll starve and die.
Good luck!

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Helen317(So. Ca, coastal)

Thanks, Sandy. I read a long, old archived thread here (I think) and people talked about what a good job paper wasps, and birds do in eating up those nasty rose slugs. Just this morning I saw a little bird--a kind of tit, I think--carefully going over each rose bush in the back yard. I've had no problem with those roses. Also, we had no hornworms on our tomatoes this year. The damaged roses are in the front yard and I never see birds visiting them. I wonder why.


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