john cabot with white leaves

meganmarie(z4 MT)August 29, 2006

I was unable to post a message in the general rose forum. Hope this forum can help. My cabot is three years old. This is it's 4th summer in my garden. it gets sun from morning until 2pm . Has no sign of pests other than grass hoppers.Last year it grew 10' x 6' and bloomed like crazy. This year it has hardly any new canes and almost no blooms It's been a very hot summer here with most days over 93 and quite a few over 100. About two weeks ago it started sending up an albino shoot, white stem with white leaves. Now other stems are starting to pale. I have fertilized and have spread ironlite -- no change. The ground is mulched with wood chips. Any ideas what i've done wrong?

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Hi Megan,
Did you re-post over on the regular rose forum? A couple of things I can tell you are, one, you've done nothing wrong: ) Two, when you have a exceptionally hot year, it will slow down growth of roses, and you will not see blooms until it cools down.
Now why you've got albino shoots, I haven't a clue. I wouldn't fertilize any more for the year. Fertilizer late in the season makes for a lot of new growth that is easily damaged by the freezing weather that will be here much too soon. If you had needed iron, you would see yellowing on the leaves, not just pale white growth.
Anyway, re-post over on the regular rose forum. I hope you get an answer.

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