mystery pink, grown from cutting

llpnut(8 NTX)July 24, 2005

last fall's cuttings are starting to bloom, more mysteries

here's one of its foliage (ignore that sunflower leaf, please ;^D

as you can see, it is very medium light pink (in the neighborhood of Caldwell Pink), sweet scented, cluster blooming, few thorns, tall - this rooted cutting has 'canes' about two feet long, and a relatively horizontal habit

light green foliage, very clean without spraying

any ideas?

I have stuff still finally blooming from last fall's propagation party (thanks, Nay)

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The top one has the foliage of a Rosa Wichurana derivative such as 'Dorothy Perkins', the bottom picture seems to be showing something else, with different leaves.

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llpnut(8 NTX)

the bottom one is in the garden, sorry I didn't make that one clear ;^D
pot ghettos interspersed in the garden doesn't help ID ing

this one is too large a bloom and too smelly for Dorothy Perkins (rofl) I just hacked back a jungle of it at my other house
thank you for giving me more info, though...if it's a oncebloomer it may be my only shot

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What I meant was it had the same kind of foliage, not that it was that same variety.

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llpnut(8 NTX)

got it - it gives me an excuse to pore over rosepic encyclopedias...thank you again for looking and thinking about it

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llpnut(8 NTX)

it looks too pale to be Russelliana, could it be Tausendschon?
lilac pink to blush to white, with white centers, nearly thornless?

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