Mandy Hedge Rose? any clues?

mstudioJuly 1, 2005

I purchased a couple hedge roses from Costco approximately 8 years ago, and I believe that they came from a west-coast grower.

The description for the rose is : "light orange with azalea-pink margins and a buttercup-yellow base with light gray-green foliage with tints of red...bushy plants with an average of 15 blooms per stem.... light fragrance... highly disease resistant, hardy in winter and grow to 3 1/2 to 4 feet" (that was how it was listed in the Ad, not my words but a good description.

We have lost 2 of them recently and when I pulled the plant the root was a solid 14" long and 3" diameter. Do hedge roses have a limited lifespan or did something else cause them to die?

thanks in advance for your help.


Image link:

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Is see that most people are embedding the image to the post. Here's the photo...


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I'd be happy if anyone knows of any roses that are similar, it doesn't need to match.

thanks again,


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