Mystery pink rambler in Georgia

jeffreyd(Z8b)July 8, 2006

I saw it growing wild in quite a few places along the roadsides here in very rural N. Georgia. Highway 166/92 just south of I-20 in Douglas county.

The plant looks like some kind of multiflora... It grows wide, in full sun, and very sprawlly. It lays along the ground, no big tall thickets, the canes are yellow and pencil-sized or thinner.

It will root on its own. Highway department mowers cut back one and rooted where canes were crushed into the ground. It also will grow up into trees in part shade. I've seen 12' specimens.

The flowers come in sprays from little fat, round buds. No re-bloom. No scent that I can detect. No diseases even without care.

I took cuttings from several sites (about 12) and almost all have rooted.

I have images I can forward. I've tired to add them to this message and to my clippings page, but i can't figure it out...

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hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

Easy way to post pictures is to open a free account at photobucket or some other website and upload the picture there. The picture will have text (Tag) underneath it containing IMG SRC = . You can just copy the whole bit of text and paste it into a posting. The picture will then appear in the post.

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Might it be The Fairy?

Here is a link that might be useful: Photo

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Can't be the Fairy - jeffreyd says his rose is a once-bloomer.

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daisy_ny6(z6 NY)

Some of the multifloras around here (SE NY) come in a pale shade of pink. Same small leave, giant, hooked thorns and green new growth.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Pink Rosa multiflora occur here also. Chinese R. multiflora var. cathayensis is usually, if not always pink. But I don't think the pink ones here are connected with that one, I think the common Japanese (or wherever) form is just sometimes pink. Or somebody has planted R. multiflora var. cathayensis and it has crossed with the white ones on occasion to result in a few wild pink or pinkish ones in the vicinity.

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Embothrium(USDA 8 Sunset 5 WA)

Reading your original post that's what it sounds like. There are many other than 'Dorothy Perkins', including single-flowered ones. Here we even quite often see 'Dorothy Perkins' and similar double cultivars growing "wild".

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I know this rambler, for I see it growing everywhere here in south GA.

I have 2 roses, one dark pink/red, the other light pink, that are identical in everything except the color. Both grow wild here.

I thought that the light pink was Dorothy Perkins, and the dark pink/red was Red Dorothy Perkins.

When I looked at the HMF website, they have both colors listed as Dorothy Perkins.

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Thanks pecanmom. I agree... I'm feeling more confident that this is some kind of Dorothy P. Nothing else seems to come close...

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