Mystery Rose

theodosiaunderwoodJuly 26, 2013

1. We were given this rose as a gift shortly after we were married 22 years ago.
2. We forgot the name of it long ago. But, I THINK, that the rose's name is a person's name, if that is a clue.
3. The blooms have only a faint fragrance.
4. It is in bloom most of the summer.
5. The new growth often has a reddish cast.
6. It is normally upright and narrow in growth.
7. Most years it dies back some and will only be three or four feet tall here in zone 5. However, this year it is at least seven feet tall.
8. The blooms are usually solitary. The photo is a fairly accurate rendering of the color.

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It is past its prime in this photo, but it gives an idea how the rose looks when it is fully open.

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I am leaning toward one called Marijke Koopman, does anyone think that might be a possibility?

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Thanks for your input, Beth. I will do some more research on that rose!
At first glance, I don't think it is Maria Callas, for a couple of reasons:
1. Help Me Find indicates that Maria Callas has a strong fragrance. This rose has little, if any, fragrance.
2. It also indicates that Maria Callas is a zone 7 and warmer rose. I live in zone 5 and it survives well with only a small amount of die back. I have never covered it it fifteen or twenty years.

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